Deadfall Adventures: Treasure Maps Location Guide (Terra Incognita Achievement)

This guide describes locations of treasure maps on each level of Deadfall Adventures. Finding all maps is required to get Terra Incognita achievement.



Each level of Deadfall Adventures contains a treasure map which shows approximate location of all treasures hidden in the level. In most cases the map is not accurate at all but will give you some hints on where the treasures may be hidden (more-less). Also, treasures already found are marked on the map with additional circle.

Most of the Deadfall Adventures guides show locations of every treasure but omit treasure map locations in most cases. Finding all treasures will not give you any achievement (there is only achievement for finding 50 of these) but finding all maps gives “Terra Incognita” achievement.

After finishing the game you can get back to previous levels and find all the treasure maps you missed. However, remember that after finding a map you need to reach a savepoint to save it permanently (This also applies to any treasure you find). However, this is only saved for the achievement count as you will need to find the map again every time you start a level.

Sands of Sakkara

As soon as you start the level climb up the stairs in front of you and the map can be found on the boxes on the left.


After inserting the Tear of Isis and watching a cutscene, you will start alone without any weapons. Use the left path and you will encounter the first trap. The map is being held by the body on the left. Step on the first tile from the left (remember that you can only step on the Eye of Horus symbols in this puzzle) but don’t go to far or you will end up the same as the dead guy in front of you. Try to reach the map as soon as the button shows up.

Arctic Base

Enter the abandoned base through the gate and go to the barrack on the right marked “A1” (watch for grenade traps!). The map is located on the desk inside the barrack.

Arctic Cave

As soon as the level starts, go forward and the map will be located on the first boxes on the left.

Ice Temple

After the gunfight at start of the level shoot the rope to make a bridge, cross it and after climbing the stairs take a look on the right of the Ice Temple entrance. The map is on the ground next to a body.


After you take out the guard who is beating you, take your stuff and take a look directly across the room. The map is on a box next to a large gearwheel.

Mayan Jungle

Proceed into the jungle from the starting location. Soon you will encounter first Mayan ruins with a trap inside. Next to a trap lies a body which is holding the map. Be careful not to step into the trap.

Mayan Tombs

After you cross the first corridor with traps (first enemies will spawn there) you will encounter first puzzle door (Jen will mention Alvarez there). The map is next to a dead guy.

Mayan City

After you exit the starting room, go down the first stairs and go to your left. The map is on the ground between a bonfire and a body.

Mayan Temple

After the gunfight at start of the level go through the entrance under the flames (which is located directly across from the first stairs). As soon as you enter there will be a dead guy on the floor to your left. Get the map from the body.


Walk down the first stairs and go to your right. Go past some rocks and boxes and the map will be located next to a body near the entrance to empty platform shaft.

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