Dead by Daylight: Efficient Farming 2021

This game is grind heavy, and a farm can be way too long and tedious, so I made this guide to help players farm in an efficient manner.   What’s farming Farm is a match where everyone is helping each other to get the maximum bloodpoints possible. In Dead By Daylight bloodpoints are given in … Read more

Dead by Daylight: How to Skip the Intro Automatically

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to skip the intro automatically for Dead by Daylight game.   browse local files right-click Dead By Daylight find LoadingScreen.mp4 DeadByDaylight > Content > Movies delete! GG EZ notes As with custom icons, you might have to repeat this process every update. Still worth it, in my opinion, … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Chinese New Year Event Codes 2021

This guide will include all the Chinese New Year codes for the Lunar 2021 event.   How To Redeem A Code In Dead By Daylight First things first you need to head to the store in the game Click on Redeem Code in the top left (And yes I don’t have BloodPoints I am broke :(( ) … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Ultimate Bloodpoint Guide 2021

Quickly increase your bloodpoint gains for killer and survivor. Introduction This guide will help you increase your bloodpoint gains as survivor and killer quickly. Thanks for opening the guide 😉 I’ll start by going over the best perks and loadouts to use, cover the basics of bloodpoints and go onto more advanced specific score events … Read more

Dead by Daylight: How to Disable VSync

Here is a simple tutorial on how to uncap your framerate in DBD. Working as of Patch 4.3.2.   Intro Dead by Daylight has forced VSync, and a Frame Rate limit on top of it, so fully unlocking your FPS can be a bit tricky. You can’t disable this limit through the in-game menus, NVIDIA’s … Read more

Dead by Daylight: How to Disable Anti-Aliasing

A quick guide on how to disable the forced anti-aliasing in Dead by Daylight. Working as of Patch 4.3.2.   Intro Dead by Daylight (DbD) has a forced Anti-Aliasing (AA) that is present on all graphics settings, ranging from Low to Ultra. The AA can be seen as positive since it removes the jagged lines … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Promo Codes 2020 (Updated)

Here are all promo codes in 2020 and other methods will be updated. ► Active promo codes ► Active promo codes: • NICE – 69 BP • SWEETDREAMS – amulet • ETERNALBLIGHT – amulet • TWITCHORTREAT – amulet ► Expired codes ► Expired codes: • HAPPY1001 – 100 100 BP • VK100K – 100 000 BP • DISCORD150K – 150 000 BP • ENTITYPLEASED … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Eternal Blight Event Codes

The Eternal Blight event is on in Dead by Daylight, and like previous Halloween events, it brings a number of changes to the game that goes beyond just the spooky decor. Between now and November 4, players can unlock a number of rewards, including limited-time cosmetics, extra Bloodpoints, and unlockable content. Here is the Eternal … Read more

Dead by Daylight: Full Guide to The Blight

An intricate guide to the blight, including General Gameplay, Counterplay, Lore, Perks, Add-ons, Achievements, and Framedata   General Gameplay BASIC INFORMATION The Blight is a very high mobility killer that is capable of using his ability to quickly traverse around the map, even moreso than The Hillbilly. If you’re struggling with generator defense, and have … Read more

Dead by Daylight: How to Fix FPS Issues (Update 4.20)

Ever since Update 4.20, Dead by daylight has improved their visuals by a lot and it’s causing fps troubles with most people with mid range GPU’s, here are some tips to fix your FPS troubles!   Method 1 Change your graphic preset This is the easiest thing to do in to improve your FPS, I … Read more