Dead by Daylight: How to Disable Anti-Aliasing

A quick guide on how to disable the forced anti-aliasing in Dead by Daylight. Working as of Patch 4.3.2.



Dead by Daylight (DbD) has a forced Anti-Aliasing (AA) that is present on all graphics settings, ranging from Low to Ultra. The AA can be seen as positive since it removes the jagged lines on most cases, thus resulting in a prettier image, but unfortunately can cause an unwanted blur and, in some cases, even a performance drop.
I will show you how you can disable AA in the game through this detailed and easy to understand guide. You won’t need any external software to follow this guide, and it should work with any graphics card (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc.)

Accessing %localappdata%

We will need to access the Local folder inside the AppData folder to access the Engine.ini file. In order to do so, we need the Run window, which can be accessed by:

  • Pressing the Windows and R keys at the same time (Win+R)
  • Opening up the Start Menu and searching for Run
  • Openig up the Task Manager, clicking on Files at the top right, and then on Run new task

You should now see this window:

Now we need to type, or copy and paste, %localappdata% into the text box and click Ok, or press the Enter key

Editing the Engine.ini File

Now we should be able to see the Local folder at C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocaI
(Note that USER is your username, so in my case, it shows up as senpi):

Now locate the DeadByDaylight folder, and navigate to Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor:

Right-click the Engine.ini file, go to Open with and choose your preferred text editor (I’m using Notepad here since everyone should have it, but any text editor should work. Personally I recommend Notepad++):

Scroll down to the last line of the file, add a break line (typically you just need to press Enter or Shift+Enter), and add the following lines:

[/script/engine.rendereroverridesettings] r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing=0

Finalizing the Process

Now we just need to save the changes we made to the file. This can be done by:

  • Pressing Ctrl+S
  • Going to the File menu and clicking on Save:

Now we can just open up the game and enjoy the sharper edges that no AA provides, and maybe even a performance boost.

[OPTIONAL] Make the File Read-only

In some cases, when you open up DbD or when you close it, the game can undo the changes we just did to the Engine.ini file. To prevent this from happening, we can lock the file to changes by making it Read-only. We can do this the following way:

  • Right click Engine.ini and select Properties
  • Go to the General tab, and at the bottom of the window you should see a checkbox named
    Read-only, mark it and click Ok to apply the changes and close the window

Comparison Images

Bellow are some unedited screenshots taken in-game using Steam’s own screenshot tool, showcasing antialiasing on and antialiasing off.

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