DayZ: Where To Find The Humvee in New 1.19 Update

A quick little guide on where to find the new M1025 Humvee in the latest 1.19 Update.


Locations for the M1025 Humvee

Only Three Humvee’s are spawned at a time per server. Therefore, you better get there quick before the opposition arrives.

Below are the Coordinates for both Chernarus and Livonia spawn locations which can be plugged into the new GPS Receiver.

Chernarus Humvee Coordinates:
pos x=”801.2618410″ z=”1919.863403″ a=”6.0492851″
pos x=”2424.320801″ z=”5143.495117″ a=”190.13568″
pos x=”3694.878174″ z=”5993.289063″ a=”402.01242″
pos x=”6260.272949″ z=”7843.914551″ a=”305.01022″
pos x=”4482.699707″ z=”8247.956055″ a=”314.33358″
pos x=”4609.861328″ z=”9517.536133″ a=”339.01248″
pos x=”4549.987793″ z=”9721.375977″ a=”339.01245″
pos x=”5000.976563″ z=”10049.19238″ a=”338.93606″
pos x=”4513.097168″ z=”10692.42187″ a=”339.02560″
pos x=”1652.649902″ z=”14209.89355″ a=”451.74246″
pos x=”1570.475952″ z=”14051.65722″ a=”452.78237″
pos x=”1693.303101″ z=”13850.99121″ a=”445.31185″
pos x=”7130.719238″ z=”12717.47460″ a=”130.40614″
pos x=”11018.02929″ z=”13380.62695″ a=”220.25471″
pos x=”9512.939453″ z=”11746.78222″ a=”240.07031″
pos x=”8073.897949″ z=”9415.975586″ a=”453.66500″
pos x=”10195.62988″ z=”4041.149170″ a=”59.795216″
pos x=”7314.906250″ z=”3066.312256″ a=”24.057051″
pos x=”4920.057129″ z=”2595.620361″ a=”9.5863346″
pos x=”10425.44531″ z=”5837.930664″ a=”277.32221″

Image for Chernarus Spawns Below:

Livonia Humvee Coordinates:
pos x=”829.595581″ z=”1195.204346″ a=”531.282471″
pos x=”2137.757324″ z=”11242.622070″
pos x=”2173.698242″ z=”10816.285156″
pos x=”3276.796143″ z=”2010.624878″ a=”486.295990″
pos x=”4567.185547″ z=”6405.601563″ a=”300.294281″
pos x=”5019.257324″ z=”2134.802002″ a=”517.832336″
pos x=”5609.525391″ z=”3779.675049″ a=”421.458252″
pos x=”5768.413574″ z=”5170.606445″ a=”359.231720″
pos x=”5863.768066″ z=”6692.107422″ a=”285.408447″
pos x=”6217.074707″ z=”9309.215820″ a=”198.147934″
pos x=”7436.975586″ z=”2606.200439″ a=”287.052490″
pos x=”7624.794922″ z=”5308.923340″ a=”240.278152″
pos x=”7821.045410″ z=”10090.149414″ a=”339.362732″
pos x=”8156.579590″ z=”8717.940430″ a=”245.555588″
pos x=”8409.924805″ z=”9832.762695″
pos x=”8467.659180″ z=”10081.166016″ a=”314.962860″
pos x=”8945.969727″ z=”6568.473633″ a=”308.632782″
pos x=”9028.814453″ z=”4407.930664″
pos x=”9808.286133″ z=”3801.685303″ a=”358.603821″
pos x=”9948.848633″ z=”8478.275391″ a=”209.908218″
pos x=”11023.766602″ z=”2122.941650″ a=”346.569000″

Thanks to SPC J. Sussman for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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