Dawnlands: How to Make Your FPS More Stable (59-60 FPS)

A Simple Guide to make FPS More Stable 59-60 FPS, Only work for high end VGA/CPU I Think.


FPS More Stable

Right Click Dawnlands – Manage- Browse Local Files.

Open : Dawnlands_Data
Open : boot.config

Open that file, and change the command inside to be like this.


Exit, Save.


And then Right Click in Dawnlands, Properties

-window-mode exclusive -screen-fullscreen

add this, and click close.

Open The Game First

And Open Task Manager

Right click, on Dawnlands.
go to Details, Set Priority High / Realtime.

Now In the game.

press ALT + ENTER, to be in fullscreen.

And the FPS Will get better, around 59-60 Stable. sometimes drops, but it get better.

NOTES : Well the command in boot config depend on your PC , if u have high End VGA/CPU it wil work.
Try it and Have Fun

Pictures Example : Graphics Extreme, Resolution 4k

It Works on my End, Let me know if u guys found another trick, like unlock FPS etc, and if this trick works or not. Have Fun, Happy Gaming!

Thanks to Super Mekichan 666 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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