Darza’s Dominion: Confuse Controls (How to Practice)

Controls to know when you become confused and tips on how to practice them.


Why do I need to know this?

Unfortunately, Confuse is prominent in late/end-game content (mainly dungeons). Most notably Harbinger’s forced Confuse rotation phase and some shots in the Shrine of Devas.


By default, your movement should be WASD. Being hit by confuse changes your controls 90* clockwise. it does not reverse your rotation keys (Q and E).

Image credits to Potammies#4539 on Darza Discord

I’d suggest to try and adapt to the new directional controls first which would take some practice to get into your muscle memory.

Where to Practice

Enter the dungeon Infested Cellar. Clear until you see a big brown spider minion. Clear all the small spiders nearby and in nearby rooms to be safe.

This enemy does not do any damage at all. Getting hit by the star-like projectiles will make you Confused.
From there on, keep moving around until you get the hang of it!

Thanks to Shows for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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