Cyber Rebellion Codes (November 2023): New Update!

Welcome to Cyber Rebellion, where the future is not just a concept, but a battleground. Set in the year 2177, this cyberpunk-style strategic Hero Collection game plunges you into a world where human civilization has entered the Cyber Era, and the fight for survival is more intense than ever. As the commander of Skyfall City, you’re tasked with resisting the onslaught of the villain [Apocalypse] and his α viruses. Your mission: protect the last bastion of humanity. Here is a gift codes guide with a full codes list and a tutorial on how to redeem them in-game.

All codes work in the latest version 0.9.1

Cyber Rebellion Gift Codes

Knowledge is power in the cybernetic world of Cyber Rebellion, and gift codes are your secret weapon. Here are the latest codes, each one a gateway to invaluable in-game rewards:

We add a new code on Nov. 23, 2023

Working Gift Codes:

  • TKSGIVING7 (New & Valid until 12.01.2023, 00:00 UTC+8)
  • CR1000K (Valid until 1.16.2024)
  • CYBERFUTURE – Redeem for In-game Rewards
  • CR777 – Redeem for In-game Rewards
  • CRSSS7 – Redeem for In-game Rewards
  • CRLLL7 – Redeem for In-game Rewards
  • CRCCC7 – Redeem for In-game Rewards
  • CRRRR7 – Redeem for In-game Rewards

Each code is case-sensitive, so enter them exactly as shown to ensure success.

Expired Gift Codes:

No codes here!

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How to Redeem Gift Codes

Unlocking your rewards in Cyber Rebellion is straightforward. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on your avatar within the game.

Step 2: Select the ‘Gift Code’ option.

Step 3: Enter your chosen gift code in this section.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully redeem your codes and bolster your arsenal for the battles ahead.


Final Words

Cyber Rebellion is available on Google Play. Join the fight, build your ultimate team, and protect humanity’s last sanctuary. Are you ready to command your destiny in the Cyber Era?

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