Cuphead: ‘Rolling Sixes’ Achievement Guide

Rolling Sixes isn’t TOO difficult, but you can make it way easier.
ALSO, the REAL requirement of this achievement is beating King Dice with 3 HP left over.


The best possible loadout for King Dice (particularly getting this achievement) is:

  • Roundabout
  • Spread
  • Super Ⅱ (Invincibility)
  • Twin-Hearts

Roundabout & spread are well rounded and work for all the bosses. Twin Heart and Super Ⅱ are here for the obvious reason of becoming a damage sponge

don’t retry if you land on start over. just try to land on cleared/safe spaces and beat whatever bosses without taking damage. that’s what happened to my on my attempt that I won.
3 tips to get the numbers you want instead of leaving it to chance (these all involve making your move FAST):
To roll a 1; Jump while King Dice has his hands high in the air, and then parry the instant he claps. Not difficult to pull off at all.
To roll a 2; 2s are tricky. Either have a tad bit of hesitation after he claps, or wait for 3 to pass by and then parry the dice.
To roll a 3; Parry after the clap SFX is done playing.

Go for the health spaces! (unless it’s 5 or 7)

#1. The Tipsy Troop

Use roundabout.
Focus on the shot glass first, as his attack is the hardest to dodge. Keep an eye on him while he’s still alive.
Then, take your attention to the Martini and Whiskey. Killing either or first works fine.
Not much else to say.

#2. Chips Bettigan


Use spread.
Chips is also simple. Jump over or duck under his chips that he sends flying towards you.
Make sure to abuse dash for certain jumps in order to kill your vertical momentum and propel yourself forward.

#3. Mr. Wheezy

(or Smokayyyyy)
Use roundabout. Don’t use EX.
Whenever Smokey is switching platforms, wait for the center cigarettes to make an opening to dash through, as there’s plenty of time to do so.
To avoid his tricky flames, first jump over, walk under, and then jump over it again. If my text is too confusing for you, observe how the flame swirls around.
ALSO; the flame can swirl in different ways.
This fight can fill your Super really easily!

#4. Pip & Dot

Use spread.
Wait for an opportunity to dodge the 3D shape they throw. Kill your vertical with dash while the “bird” thing is in the air.

#5. Hopus Pocus


Use roundabout when he’s attacking, use spread in between attacks
You should have about a full super if you end fighting this guy. You may take a damage or two if you don’t.
For the hearts; either ascend if they’re on the floor, or vice versa.
To dodge the skulls, jump when the opening is on top, dash when left/right, descend when below.
Those are easy.
When it’s in the top left/right, it can be hard to maneuver out of there. When the opening is in the bottom left/right howeverpop invincibility, and then stay inside of Hopus firing spread.
Leave him before you take damage. This’ll save your ass from a difficult dodge and deal a ton of damage.

#6. Phear Lap

(skele horse)Try to get in this guy’s face as much as possible to drop bombs.
Use bullets while dodging.
Always dodge UNDER the gift (unless it’s very clear you shouldn’t) as a mini-plane.
Watch for the blue-hooded jockeys. Dodge them as a mini-plane.

#7. The Roulette ♥♥♥♥♥ i’m really not gonna bother spelling her name


This boss is easy as 1-2-3 with smoke dash. Without it? Genuinely difficult.
I really don’t have any tips for this boss other than parrying when she approaches, and dashing through her balls.

#8. Mangosteen

(or the Magic 8ball)

Use spread, and stand directly under this guy.
Only move when he’s going to shoot at you or a cue is coming at you.
Keep in mind the cue things only move diagonally, so you could walk into them while trying to dodge.

#9. Mr. Monkey Musician Man

This boss is so stupidly easy it’d be condescending if I gave you tips on him.
Best boss to do the Bravo Zulu P-26 (mini-plane damage only) achievement on (make sure to stop shooting when playing memory)
Always go into mini-mode when he attacks and you’d need to be trying to take any damage.


Use spread.
Use your air dash sparingly, as you can only use it once while airborne.
Use your super to damage boost and deal massive damage.
Don’t be afraid to stay on a card for long.
Try your best on your initial jump.

Thanks to Corn Ⅲ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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