Cube Escape Collection: All Achievements

This guide includes short description of all achievements in the game. While some of them might seem vague or cryptic, they’ll be very clear while playing the games.



This guide includes short description of all achievements in the game. While some of them might seem vague or cryptic, they’ll be very clear while playing the games.


In bloom
Spring 1964. Click the woman in the window (open curtains, zoom in, if she’s not there leave and come back).

Spring 1964. Click the parrot about 10 times.

In bloom
Story. Complete Spring 1964. The achievement will pop when you insert black cube into the hole

The lake
Story. Complete Summer 1971. The achievement will pop when you insert black cube into the hole

Young Laura
Fall 1971. Use code 25641 on the TV. The code can be found in Cube Escape: The Lake after opening the box with the green gem.

Pink blossoms
Story. Complete Fall 1971. The achievement will pop when you insert black cube into the hole

Story. Complete Winter 1981. The achievement will pop when you insert blue cube into the hole

Find me in the past
After fixing the machine go back to Summer 1971 or Fall 1971 and click the telephone.

The Lake

Story. Find an apple. It’s in the dead body.

Story. Find the eye. It’s hidden in a wall next to a cabinet. You need a crowbar to get it.

Story. Find a coin. It’s in a cupboard.

Story. Find a shell. Use a mold as bait on the fishroad.

Blue gem
Story. Find a blue gem. It’s in the first green chest.

AAAA corrupted soul
After collecting a shell there will be a black figure in the window. Click it.

Completely fill your inventory. It’s fairly easy to get considering how many items you can pick up. You need to have 12 items.

AAAThe pentagon
This is related to alternate ending. Use green gem instead of a blue one on the tree and complete the chapter.


AAAMy favorite drink!
Story. Prepare an absinth drink

Give absinth to Paul

Story. Cut off van Gogh’s ear.

AAAWhite Cube
Story. Find the white cube. While seeing corrupted soul in the mirror use the gun on it.

AAABlack Cube
Story. Find the black cube. You get it after completing the painting.

AAADéjà vu
After entering the ear and reaching two doors, click the left one (blue) to go back to your room.

Row, row, row the boat...Row, row, row the boat…
Open the window and click on the man in a boat

Rusty Lake HotelRusty Lake Hotel
After entering the ear and reaching two doors enter 1853 as the code. Open the door, enter the room, open the window (if not already opened) and click the hotel. A clue for the code appears in Cube Escape: Case 23 in a photo on the wall titled “Bedroom in Arles”.

Harvey’s Box

Back in the boxBack in the box
Story. It unlocks when you return to the box after entering the fruit.

AAADominoes expert
Story. Solve the dominoes.

Smoked fish
Story. Give cigar to the fish.

Story. Use the knife where a pigeon is poking at the box.

AAAYou died!
While technically missable, it’s very hard to actually miss it. To get it you need to die. When you climb up the rope a corrupted soul will appear and kill you unless you release fireflies very quickly. Let it kill you.

AAAA feather
Pull the rope a few times until a feather drops. Click it.

AAAA familiar melody
Play the following notes on the comb: C C D #D G E D #D C #A #G #G #G #G. A hint for this achievement appears in Theatre after obtaining “Bad Egg Symphony” achievement.

AAAEscape the box
Story. Finish the chapter.

Case 23

AAAView of Arles
Chapter 1. Click the photo on the wall and the “Bedroom in the Arles” nameplate. Click the window in the photo to open it and get the achievement. 1853 is a hint for an achievement in Arles.

Chapter 1. Feed three flies to the fish in the fishbowl. This has to be done before sending a fly to the shell.

Rusty Lake Archive
Story. Complete Chapter 1. It pops when you open “Rusty Lake Archive” evidence found in the safe.

Chapter 2. Set the TV in the detective office to 171. A hint for this achievement appears in Theatre on the mirror when Bob goes to the WC. when bob goes to the bathroom in Theatre, go in and click on him. The number will appear on the mirror.

Dark wings
Chapter 2. After completing the story on the typewriter and receiving the numbers type “crow”. This achievement is required for “The Old Crow” achievement in The Mill.

Story. Complete Chapter 2. It pops when you insert black and white cubes into the TV.

Mr. Crow
Story. Complete Chapter 3. You’ll get it as soon as Mr. Crow approaches you.

I made it
Story. Complete Chapter 4. You’ll get it when you enter the elevator.

The Mill

AAAThe attic
Story. Get into the attic.

AAAFine dining
Give bird sh!t gotten from the parrot to the old woman.

AAAThe Old Crow
This achievement requires the “Dark Wings” achievement from Case 23. After phone conversation set the clock to 3:25 and go back to the parrot. It will be gone with a crow in its place. Click it to get the achievement.

AAAThe basement
Story. Get to the basement.

Story. While looking through the telescope click Dale’s body.

AAAUndead Cow
Once the cow is dead click on its head a few times.

Free bird
Story. Complete the game.

AAAFun time with Laura
While Laura is on a chain keep pressing the arrows on the device randomly until the achievement unlocks. It didn’t work for me while the rope was attached to the device.


Alternate Solution
On the screen with grandfather arrange the flags in order 12=3×4

Mr. Rabbit
Look out the window and click the rabbit figure.

Weapon of choice
Pop the chewing gum bubble with a knife.

Unexpected prey
Story. Catch a fish in a mouse trap.

The break out
Enter code 1894 into the snow globe. It was given in Rusty Lake Hotel game for completing 100% stars.

Story. Insert blue cube into the clock.

BOOM! Ha ha
After defeating Mr. Rabbit talk to your grandfather.

A drink at the theatre
When your grandfather is dead check his pocket for a recipe for a Gin and Tonic drink. It’s a hint for the “Rusty Lake G&T” achievement in Theatre.


Rusty Lake G&T
Prepare a gin and tonic drink (2x gin, 2x tonic). Recipe for it was in grandfather’s pocket in Birthday.

Story. Prepare a screwdriver cocktail for Bob.

Bad Egg Symphony
After solving the piano puzzle play the following notes: BADEGG. When the music is over click the parrot and get the notes. They are required for the “A familiar melody” achievement in Harvey’s Box.

Harvey Wallbanger
Story. Prepare a Harvey Wallbanger drink (2x orange juice, 1x Galliano, 1x vodka.

Bloody Mary
Story. Prepare a Bloody Mary drink (2x blood, 1x vodka, 1x Tabasco),

After Bob shoots himself, talk to the bartender.

The Woman
After Bob shoots himself go into his head and keep going left you see Laura.

During the Fish and Parrot scene send the egg to the wrong pipe a few times so the parrot has to give you a new egg. I’ve done it by setting the pipes in a way that the parrot would eat the egg.

The Cave

Good boy!
Click the dog a few times.

Beat the spider puzzle without failing.

Unlocked after solving the Family Tree puzzle inside the book.

Unlocked after getting inside the submarine.

Fresh air
Unlocked after giving the diver the elixir.

TBCGolden Cube
Unlocked after you have made the Golden Cube.


The story continues

Before giving elixir to diver, use it on yourself in the mirror.
During submarine segment go to the Rusty Lake Hotel, Cabin and the Church.
Look through the periscope to get new directions. Going there and looking through the fishing window will give you a piece of yet another set of coordinates.
Go there.
The Cabin (x:6 y:6 d:00) -> x:3 y:9 d:50 -> x:11
Rusty Lake Hotel (x:6 y:3 d:00) -> x:3 y:4 d:20 -> y:5
Church (x:2 y:7 d:00) -> x:8 y:1 d:00 -> d:30
A box appears in the fishing window with “RAT” written on it. Input it into the code machine – the box drops and asks for Dale’s birthday. Dale’s birthday appears in Cube Escape Paradox – 18.12.30. Use the code and rammage through the envelope to get the achievement.

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  1. Thanks for the great guide – I got Transformation just by repeatedly clicking on the image of myself after the elixir, going from man to crow and back a few times.


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