Crystal Project: How to Catch the Speedy Octopus Easily

Catching the Speedy Octopus can be a hassle. Luckily, there is a way to reliably get it. (minor map spoilers)   The Speedy Octopus The Speedy Octopus is a creature that can be hard to find, and even harder to catch. It spawns in The Open Sea, and then immediately swims along a set path. … Read more

Crystal Project: How to skip Jidamba Tangle

This spoiler heavy guide illustrates my favourite thing about this game: just how much you can bend it to your whim.   Big spoiler warning Just getting this out of the way now, spoilers ahead, if you don’t want ’em, now’s your final warning. Cool? Alright, let’s talk crazy stuff. 1. Get you a Quintar … Read more

Crystal Project: Optional Content Guide (Endgame Roundup)

Finished the main story? Not sure what you missed? This guide will cover the most important things. Massive spoiler warning of course.   Crystal Roundup There are 24 jobs in the game, 6 of which you start with. The other 18 are found from crystals. No Mount Requirements Warrior : Starter Class. Monk : Starter Class. Rogue : … Read more

Crystal Project: Quintar Racing Guide

Does Quintar Racing have you down? Does that dastardly Desert Quintar keep giving you fits? Do you just want to get your golden Quintar as fast a possible? Or would you like to make tons of gold? I might have you covered.   Foreword First up, thanks for taking a minute to read this short … Read more

Crystal Project: The Best Place to Farm LP (Job Levels)

A short guide describing how to efficiently farm Job Levels. Small Mid-game area and class spoilers.   Introduction to Dry Kids Dry Kids, located in Shoudu Province, are the prime target for LP farming. Notable characteristics include: Attempting to run away (both before and during combat), being incredibly fast and evasive, and also providing a … Read more