Crusader Kings III: How to Get “Far From Home” Achievement

Despite its imposing description, this achievement is incredibly easy and be completed in about ten minutes. Here’s how.¬†Current and working as of   How To Earn the Achievement “Far From Home” “As a Norse-Asatru ruler, have your capital on any island in the Indian Ocean.” Challenge accepted. Start as Jarl H√¶steinn, Count of Montaigu, … Read more

Crusader Kings III: How to Change Game Rules Mid-Game (Win 10)

This guide will describe how to change the rules of your game (even the difficulty) after it has already started.   Opening Notes I run the game through Steam on Windows 10, don’t ask about Mac or Linux, I can’t help you A good text editor like Notepad++ will help dramatically 7-Zip, WinRar, or another … Read more

Crusader Kings III: How to Fix Unable to Locate Configuration File

First guide for fixing the unable to locate configuration file thingy for launching the game. Firstly right click on the game and browse local files. Go to the launcher folder and run the launcher-installer-windows.msi Click next and change the install path to the folder where you found the launcher-installer-windows.msi. It should look like this: S:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Crusader … Read more

Crusader Kings III: How to Find Cloud Save

This guide will help you find your cloud save on Crusader Kings 3.   How to find cloud saves You need to find your steam installation, this is usually on the C drive, in program files, if there are several steam folders, find the one that has “userdata” in it. After that, please follow this … Read more