Country Bumpkin Yutaka: All Endings Walkthrough

Here is a complete guide to walk through the full game.   Basic Controls Attack: Q. Confirm: Enter/Space/Z. Cancel/Menu: Esc/Num 0/X. Run/Hide Text Box: Shift Text Fast-Forward: Ctrl/Alt. Full Screen: F4. Screen Size: F3.   Preface The game crashes often. Save frequently! The 3 items sold in the store near the train station can change … Read more

Country Bumpkin Yutaka: Secret Key Guide

This guide provides you with hints and processes to get the secret key. This is the last part of the game, and it contains some spoilers.   What is the secret key? The key to the secret is the item that opens up hidden places (memory rooms) in mountain areas. In that space, you can … Read more