Coromon: Basic PvP Guide to Get Started

Recommended basics to start playing the competitive Coromon   Introduction Coromon got REALLY accessible to enter the PvP after finishing the Story mode, so I’m making this guide to make it even more accessible to understand what you really need to actually enter the PvP. I also am expecting you to know how to get … Read more

Coromon: John’s Challenge Guide

A guide to beating John’s Challenge, also known as the Triple Threat Challenge.   Introduction John’s Challenge, also known as the Triple Threat Challenge, has the following rules: Coromon setup A possible way to complete this challenge is to catch a level 10 Lumon from Thunderous Cave. Skills Enable the following skills: Swarm Diversion The … Read more

Coromon: Type Chart, Strengths and Weaknesess

Hi everyone! Here I will post the Coromon type chart, strengths and weaknesses so it’s easier for everyone to learn it while playing, simply overlaying it while playing the game with SHIFT+TAB at any point during your game.   Coromon Type Chart All Coromon are monotype and there’s a total of 7 different types (Normal, … Read more