Cookie Clicker: How to Sacrifice Garden in the Fastest Way

What order you should grow your plants in to sacrifice your garden as soon as possible



as soon as a sprout appears, remove everything but the sprouts you don’t have and start working on the next plant (unless the next plant requires a sprout that hasn’t grown in, then keep making more of that sprout)

bullet points with a ? in front are plants that you might as well get while you’re already growing certain plants, but they CAN be done later if you just want to focus on the big plants first

I put the % next to plants with a less than 1% chance of appearing. switch from fertilizer to wood chips and savescum for those if you’re fine with that

the wiki[] has the most optimal mutation setups, but most of the time you will be planting in a curve around the Juicy Queenbeet

first, go straight to Juicy Queenbeet

  • Baker’s Wheat
  • Bakeberry (x2 Baker’s Wheat) 0.1%
  • ?Thumbcorn (x2 Baker’s Wheat)
  • Meddleweed (Empty Tile) 0.2%
  • Brown Mold (Meddleweed, fill every empty space)
  • ?Crumbspore (Meddleweed)
  • ?White Mildew (Brown Mold)
  • Chocoroot (Baker’s Wheat + Brown Mold)
  • ?White Chocoroot (Chocoroot + White Mildew)
  • Queenbeet (Bakeberry + Chocoroot)
  • Juicy Queenbeet (8x Queenbeet, 3×3 rings in each corner) 0.1%

Queenbeet leftovers

  • Shriekbulb (5x Queenbeet) 0.5%
  • Duketater (2x Queenbeet) 0.1%

then go straight to Elderwort to surround the Juicy Queenbeet

  • Cronerice (Baker’s Wheat + Thumbcorn)
  • Gildmillet (Thumbcorn + Cronerice) keep the Cronerice so you can be ready for Elderwarts in a few steps, and maybe even Wardlichen
  • Ordinary Clover (Baker’s Wheat + Gildmillet)
  • Shimmerlily (Gildmillet + Ordinary Clover)
  • Elderwort (Cronerice + Shimmerlily) once mature surround JQB and prepare for Everdaisy by
  • extending a line from the square around the JQB

straight to Drowsyfern

  • Greenrot (Ordinary Clover + White Mildew)
  • Keenmoss (Brown Mold + Greenrot)
  • ?Wardlichen (Cronerice + Keenmoss) 0.5% this is possible if you kept the Cronerice all the way back from Gildmillet, but don’t feel bad if they die before this point, in that case just do it later
  • Drowsyfern (Chocoroot + Keenmoss) 0.5%

straight to Everdaisy

  • Tidygrass (Baker’s Wheat + White Chocoroot) 0.2%
  • Everdaisy (3x Elderwort + 3x Tidygrass) 0.2%

everything else

  • Ichorpuff (Crumbspore + Elderwort) 0.2%
  • Whiskerbloom (Shimmerlily + White Chocoroot)
  • Nursetulip (2x Whiskerbloom)
  • Doughshroom (2x Crumbspore) 0.5%
  • Fools’ Bolete (Greenrot + Doughshroom)
  • Wrinklegill (Brown Mold + Crumbspore)
  • Chimerose (Shimmerlily + Whiskerbloom)
  • Glovemorel (Thumbcorn + Crumbspore)
  • Cheapcap (Shimmerlily + Crumbspore)
  • Golden Clover (x2 or more Ordinary Clover) 0.07% this is last in case you need to use the full garden space after harvesting the JQB. use the setup from the wiki

Thanks to Qweba for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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