Contra Anniversary Collection: How to Fix Sound Glitch on Win 10

Fixing a sound glitch that happens on some systems.


The sound glitch fix, version 1
As there are new new people playing the game I had to create this guide in order to help people with a very specific issue that can possibly create worst jumpscare you have ever experienced.

Contra Anniversary Collection is a great port with many great features but some optimisation still has problems.

The sound glitch mentioned here happens when you first launch the game and you either hear static ot a very loud screech in your left ear.

From what I could find, this only happens on specific sound systems and I can only speculate why it happenned to me.

The fix for this is not as tedious as you might think.

-First version is going into the game files and look for the “game” exe file.

-Right click on it and go to properties.

-Select the compatibility and set it to either Windows Vista or Windows 7

(You need to do this every time when you launch the game, for some unbeknownst reason the game file “resets” itself to the factory setting every time it syncs with the cloud so don’t forget to do this everytime you launch the game)

The sound glitch fix, version 2
This is another method of fixing, but I do not recommend doing this over version 1. For some people this fix is permanent so thats why Im writing this down as well.

-Locate the sound settings of your computer by either going to the speaker icon on the bottom-right corner or the search function in your system. (Right click on the speaker icon and select the adjuster function that lets you have a look at your playback devices)

-When reaching this right click on your main playback device and go to the properties

-In here select special and change it to 16 bit 44100Hz (CD-quality)

Doing this changes the output Hz of your device and should fix Contra as well.

You will hear no actual difference and there are some cases when this does not fix the sound glitch. (For me only Version 1 worked permanently, but it might be a hassle to re-set it at every launch so try this out as well)

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