Continue?9876543210: Hidden Diary Guide

Locations of the secret developer diaries hidden in every level.



This game contains little pieces of the developer himself, Jason Oda. He’s left behind inspirations, personal motivations, fears, and other secrets involving the themes of the game and what inspired him to make each level. They are very personal and striking and I encourage anyone genuinely interested in the game’s concept to seek them out. All known locations are listed below.

Diary Locations

There is one diary per level. You only play six random levels per playthrough so you’ll need to play the game a few times in order to see them all. The diary locations are listed below.

Behind the overturned cars at the northwest corner of the river (the river is located in the middle of the south of the overall map).

City of the Last Princess
A short distance to the left of the northernmost exit on the map, stuck in between the biggest crack in the pink rubble.

On the far right of the map in a small niche behind the two crashed cars.

At the nose of the ship at the very bottom of the level.

Behind the small house with a sacrificed goat in front of it. There is a small path behind the house that leads to the journal. The house is on the middle level of the map, on the western side.

Trailer Park
Right by the two sunken trailers at the northwest corner of the map.

At the northeast corner of the map, in the back of a small dilapidated building.

Mining Town
Behind the building just above the southeast exit on the map. A gray box right outside of the building can be used as a landmark.

River Ganges
Tucked behind the hidden building at the northernmost part of the map, just beyond the long alleyway in the center of the map.

Wild Shores of Love
Not yet found.

Not yet found.

Other Secrets

There are some unique buildings and objects on some maps that offer hidden dialogue or references. These secrets are listed below for each map.

Wild Shores of Love
By exiting through the hidden door beyond the northernmost exit of this map, you get a small bit of hidden dialogue.

The top left door in Slums leads to a bar area with many characters who all have unique dialogue. Helpful items can be bought here as well.

Mining Town
The building above the southeast exit of the map leads to a bar area that is very similar to the Slums level, but the characters here have their own dialogue as well.

River Ganges
The building hidden beyond a long alleyway leading north contains a hidden brothel (verification needed) with unique dialogue and purchasable items.

City of the Lost Princess
The statue in the center of this level has a hidden inscription that reads ‘Anita’ when you stand close to it. This is very likely a reference to Anita Sarkeesian, a gaming journalist most commonly associated as one target of the ‘Gamergate’ controversies.

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