Conan Exiles: How to Bypass Funcom Launcher

The sole purpose of this is to do what Funcom won’t do and make the game a viable experience for all who hate launching a launcher from their Steam launcher to then launch their game from the launcher that the Steam launcher launched.   How to bypass the Funcom Launcher You’ll want to open the … Read more

Conan Exiles: How to Craft Weapons out of Eldarium

This guide will show the steps to crafting eldarium weapons   Getting the Recipe Around the center tower there is ley shrines, you may have come across one. In all of them there is a tablet on the second floor. If you interact with it you will receive the recipe for a delving bench. Craft … Read more

Conan Exiles: How to Summon a Surge in Isle of Siptah

This guide will show you how to summon a surge. It is the most efficient way of getting thralls.   Finding the Summon Spot I first want to point out this is my first guide. Let’s get started. Near the center of the map you will notice the tower. It spawns wild surges, but normal … Read more