Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection: Infantry Sub-Cell Control

Here is a guide on how to use infantry to their fullest potential.   Introduction Command & Conquer is a cell-based game. In most circumstances, this means there is one object occupying one single cell, or, in the case of structures or terrain elements, multiple cells. However, this logic becomes more complicated when infantry gets … Read more

Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection Save Game Location

Ever wanted to soar like an eagle over the world of Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection? or you want to fix the save game issues? Well, thanks to the PC port, you can edit the save file to let you have a better game.   Where is the save game Location in Command & Conquer™ Remastered … Read more

Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection: How to Open the Source Code and Build in Visual Studio

Here’s a quick rundown on how to set up Visual Studio 2019 to modify and build the open source DLL files.   Required Downloads You’ll need the following installers to do this: The Windows 8.1 SDK from the Earlier releases section of the Windows SDK Archive[] Visual Studio 2019 Community from the Visual Studio website[] Installing Visual Studio and Windows 8.1 SDK … Read more