Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection: Red Alert 1 Allied Campaign Hard Guide

A walkthrough for the Allied Campaign on the Hard difficulty without Save/Load abuse, detailed description.


Allied Mission 1 In The Thick Of It
To be honest, the introduction to the mission itself is way longer than actual playthrough, your only chances in failing are in two occasions First, you send your Tanya close to the Tesla Coil without destroying Power Plants with explosive barrels, it is pretty brain deadSecond, but it occurs for most of the times for me, it’s when Cruisers shell Tanya by accident while I’m still in the base wrecking havoc to anything. Once the mission is started, you can send all of your Rangers to destroy the barrels near Power Plants, there is no need to even wait for Tanya. Someone make a video of 100 ways to fail this mission, please…

Allied Mission 2 Five to One

A very easy mission to complete, but be sure that you have be ready for a fourth mission, where Soviets will have even bigger superiority. You will begin that mission with all forces and buildings remaining from this mission, so you might prepare some Rocket Soldiers against aircrafts. You will receive multiple reinforcements with basic Riflemen and Ranger Scouts, that will be enough to damage and finally destroy the Soviet base. Approach the Soviet base from the north, there are multiple barrels near Construction Yard to destroy, do not waste time and damage it. Then head southwest and enter the base, focus on the destruction of Barracks and any infantry inside the base, then focus on buildings. Once whole base is destroyed, all remaining Soviet forces will come to attack you, fend of their attacks and Convoy will arrive.

Allied Mission 3 Dead End

The first Commando strike mission in the Allied campaign, it also does not have any cinematic before the mission, only a briefing. There are two areas to strike, they have different map layouts but in overall these missions are short and would not make you big problems. Your only issues might be the Soviet Attack Dogs, remember that these can kill Tanya with one simple jump and it fails the mission. And like in the vanilla Red Alert 1, Tanya does not shoot on her own (except retaliation), so dogs are your primary target. There are four bridges to destroy at the end of the mission, one of them has a small surprise of incoming Heavy Tank, pathfinding might screw you. Also keep an eye on the V2 Launcher nearby the bridges, Tanya must be always on the move, otherwise she will be dead with 1 rocket.

Allied Mission 4 TEN to One

Soviets got angry and brought the armor. The reds are back to the area from Mission 2 where you had to clear the area for approaching Convoy, and they are way tougher than before. While their base previously had been a joke, full of barrels without even Flame Turrets for defense, they deployed also the Heavy Tanks. Heavy Tanks are double barreled monsters, way slower than Allied tanks, but hey, two barrels are two barrels, double the firepower. You will have to deploy Light Tanks in this mission for a first time from your War Factories, two Factories will be enough to not waste the precious ore. A good number of Harvesters and Ore Refineries to gather resources, would be 2-3 miners per Refinery, remember that in RA1 Harversters are dumb. Oh, and some Rocket guys will be a good choice to train because Soviets will make paradrops, send Yaks against you too. Soviets will sellout all the buildings once their production facilities (Conyard, War Factory, Barracks) are destroyed for good.

Allied Mission 5 Tanya’s Tale

Beginning of the mission – send your Spy to the War Factory, avoid dog patrols, you have plenty of time and error margin is really wide here. When you reach the Soviet Prison on the island, send the Spy inside – he will die as hero, releasing Tanya from NKVDs captivity there. Destroy the remaining SAM Sites in area (4) and incoming soldiers, Chinook will arrive to take Tanya on board, now the second part begins. Reinforcements with Allied tanks and infantry will come to assault small Soviet base (surely quite empty), use Engineers to capture the buildings. Remember that Flame Tower’s range is quite short and your tanks (even Rocket Soldiers) can outrange it without casualties. Once you gather enough Heavy Tanks, you can attack the Soviet base to the south, destroy their vital production buildings to force a sellout event.

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