Climber Sky is the Limit: ‘Tutorial Mountain’ Achievement Guide

Only 3.7% of players have the achievement for finishing the tutorial mountain. That means people are having trouble ..

This guide will:
– Guide you on how to beat each obstacle.
– Show you an uncut run with a good time to demonstrate how it all comes together.



Hello! Today I’d like to talk about the Tutorial mountain for Climber.

Apparently only 3.7% of all players have got the achievement for finishing the tutorial. That’s shockingly low if I’m being perfectly honest, and it seems that most players start the game but can’t get past the tutorial. Let me see if I can’t help my fellow n00bs with a guide on how to summit the tutorial mountain.


It’s very important to take a bit of time to look at the route in every mountain. This is where you can see what the obstacles you have ahead of you and with that information you can make sure you take the right equipment and be mentally prepared for what you’ll face.

In this mountain we have:

  • Rock climbing.
  • Vertical rocky climb.
  • A chasm. You need a ladder.
  • A slippery ice area. Ice screws and ropes are needed.
  • An ice wall.

They all involve different types of equipment and hazards. The early mountains require you to take the basic equipment you need for those hazards.

It’s important to balance the gear. The two heaviest items, the ladder and one rope, should be placed on the centre slots. I add the ladder to slot 5 and one rope to slot 6.

The ice screws and the energy bars for into slots 1 and 4 to balance their weight vertically and horizontally.

Up the Mountain

It’s best if you watch this section on the video because I show examples, but here’s how to bypass the various types of obstacles.

Small Climbs

Typically you use the jump button to trigger the climb animation and get up on them.

But for small ledges you can just jump on them. It’s a good idea to jump where you can because it’s faster than the animation.

Walking up slopes

You can press the left “Alt” in order to use mountaineer vision. That will show you the dangerous spots, marked in black. If you step on the black spots you’ll slip until you reach solid ground.

Vertical Rocky Climbs

When you reach a rocky cliff you can press “F” to start the climbing mini-game. Before you do that, check your vitals and eat consumables like energy bars if you need to.

You’ll be shown coloured dots for the handholds you can choose. Choose two, one for the left and one for the right hand, and you’ll climb up. Then repeat until you get to the top and press “F” again to get on top.


These are crossed via ladders. You need to select the ladder from a pocket in your backpack, then place it when it turns green. The height of hte ladder matters, so make sure to change the elevation of the ladder with the mouse scroll button.

When you try to cross you’ll be pushed to one side. Press the Q or E to lean to the other side and balance yourself out. If the bar fills up you’ll fall off. Be careful about leaning too far to one side, that will cause you to start leaning the other way and if you’re surprised you can fall off.

Slippery Ice

You need to use mountaineer vision to see where the slippery areas are. Stay on the green dotted areas.

You’ll need to place an ice screw, by selecting it and left-clicking to place it. Then select the rope from your pockets and left click on the screw.

Be careful about the right mouse button because that will drop the rope and you’ll fall off.

Advance across the slippery ice until you reach 10 meters. You need to put down another screw and anchor your rope again to keep going further.

Once you’re on safe ground you can just drop the rope and keep going.

Ice Climbs

These are the equivalent of the rocky climbs, but with ice walls you climb in first person and with the movement keys. It’s a good idea to make sure you have enough vitals before you start. Eat an energy bar if you need more stamina.

Try and avoid the big red triangle areas and be on the lookout for falling debris. If you get his on the head you’ll lose too a lot of mental health. If you choose unstable handholds you might fall, be ready to hit the Q or E buttons when the prompt comes up to stop falling.

Unedited climb & Final words

Please watch this section on the video guide.

This is an uncut full run from the bottom to the summit. I get a pretty good time of 7:53, which is just a shade below my best time of 7:44. Other people have beaten it since but at one time it was the best time in the leaderboard. Now it’s at 6th place.

Anyway, if you follow the advice in this guide you should be able to make it up to the summit successfully and without too much trouble.

Thanks to SequentialGamer for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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