Cities Skylines: How to Create an Auto-Reversing Train

This is a guide for creating so-called “auto-reversing” trains. What is an “auto-reversing” train? It is one where the locomotive will automatically switch from one end of the train to the other as needed so that it is always at the front of the train. Why is this needed? Because the game’s native solution to … Read more

Cities Skylines: How to Install Patch Loader in MacOS

Patch Loader mod installation guide for MacOS users   Installation Due to how the Patch Loader and MacOS system works the user needs to perform additional action to make the mod working. Navigate to game directory, usually it’s located in /Users/<your_name>/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Cities_Skylines Important: make sure that file is present, if not launch the game and enable Patch Loader mod on the Content Manager -> … Read more

Cities Skylines: How to Make Money with Industries DLC

Industries DLC is, by far, the biggest workhorse of the Cities Skylines game. Once set properly, your industries will fund most of the requirements for your megalopolis. If you like the core gameplay portion of this game, you want to make the maximum amount of money from your resources, this guide is for you.   … Read more