Cities: Skylines II – How to Building a Pedestrian Overpass

my process of building a pedestrian bridge cims actually use   Pedestrian Bridges in Cities 2 Playing city builders and fundamentally disliking car-centric urban design is sometimes a bit of a challenge. So as a boundlessly optimistic city planner, I want my citizens to walk. Sometimes that means crossing a busy road that I simply … Read more

Cities: Skylines II – All Possible Zoning (1×1 to 6×6)

List of all possible residential, commercial, industrial and office zoning.   Introduction (not actual test setup, I just thought this looked pretty) In this guide I will list all possible curb × depth zoning for all zone types. This is my own testing and it may have mistakes, please let me know of any discovered … Read more

Cities: Skylines II – Tips on Low Res Demand, Budget and More

Tips on “High Rent”, High Low Density Demand, Budgets and Not Enough Costumers.   Introduction I am by all means not an expert but like many of you who have started out playing CS2, I was frustrated with many recurring issues, like seemingly endless demand for Low Residential. After watching some help videos and starting … Read more

Cities: Skylines II – Useful Hidden Settings You Should Know

Cheats, Weather/Disaster Control and more.   Setup Short disclaimer, these all require you to have developer mode on, so your game may break. Go to your Library Right Click on Cities Skylines 2 Click Properties Put –developerMode into the Launch Options section Load your save Press Tab Edge-scrolling Navigate to the Camera Tab. Toggle Edge-scrolling … Read more

Cities: Skylines II – How to Fix the Road Tool Yellow Screen Bug

This guide will save you money from buying a new graphic card just for fixing a simple, annoying graphical bug.   Introduction Special credits to SonoSooS [] for discovering the fix. If you run this game with a low-end integrated graphic card like me, then it’s very likely you’ll encounter this bug. Upon clicking on the road tools, … Read more

Cities: Skylines II – How To Activate Developer Mode

Short guide on how to activate the dev mode in Cities: Skylines II.   Activating dev mode Go to Steam Right click Cities:Skylines II -> Properties In General, add –developerMode into the launch options. Load into your savegame -> press Tab. (After a few seconds of freezing, a slightly transparent black window will pop up on the … Read more