Chernobylite: Tips for Building and Crafting

This guide is not a guide which tells you what you have to do. It rather contains some tips about the different buildable and craftable objects in the game.

For me, the objects themselves and their cost-benefit ratio have priority. I do not care about the beauty of my base 🙂

I have seen some very nice screenshots of really wonderful designed bases. If you want to have a nice base, build and craft what you like to.

Crafting in the Zone
Crafting Tools: I’ve never needed any of them.
Traps: They might be useful. I’ve never built one.
Environment Modifiers: I played some games with some of these devices. I came to the conclusion that I don’t need them. The chernobylite storm was never a problem. (When you play the game for some time and when you know each mission, then you will finish each mission before the storm gets a chance.)
The space-time Distributor should slow down the rate of radiation growth. I’ve never noticed a growth of radiation at all. If it exists, the rate is problably very low. I usually play the game for 20-30 days. Maybe radiation can become an issue if you need a lot more days in game.

Basics of Basic Building
Each companion needs one bed.

Base statistics: There are four values: Comfort, Power Excess, Air quality, Radiation security. Each of these values has to be at 100% at minimum. If it drops below 100% your companion’s psyche is decreasing. If their psyche is too low, the might leave you. Companions with insufficient psyche are not ready to serve a mission for you.

Some items have negativ impact to power, air quality and radiation. You should always increase power and air quality before building these items. This is not always possible, but this way you can avoid situations where you are out of resources with dissatified companions.

Base Upgrades\Building Tools
Work Table:: This is your first item. You have to build it.
Laser Cutting Machine: Pretty sure you will need this, too.
Chernobylite-Powered Tools: This is not an essential item, but it is required for some powerful other items. (I actually played a game without it).

Base Upgrades\All others
Sleeping Place: Each companion needs one bed. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you build. The area around the bed doesn’t matter, too. (You can build them all over each other or adjacent to an generator.)

Power Supply: I mainly build basic generators. No mushrooms are required which I rather spend for other items. And the basic generator has no impact on Air quality and Radiation security.

Air Quality:: I usually build Air washing units. (Better ratio Air Quality to power comsumption, no mushrooms required, the drop in comfort is easy to handle.)

Radiation Safety: When I needed such an item, I built the one for which I had enough resources at that moment. I’ts possible to play a game without any of these items, still with 100% Radiation security. (Just don’t build items that drop Radiation security.)

Companion’s Comfort
It’s completely up to you.
I usually only build radios. They have best ratio between power comsumption and comfort (among all electronic devices). And radios are cheep, the required resources should be never a problem.

Igor’s Inventory\Crafting Tools
Microprocessor Recycler: for me this is the most important item. You don’t need 1000 ammunition or tons of medipack/alcohol. With the help of the recycler you get back resources out of unneeded items.

Laboratory: You can craft Adrenaline. This can be used in the zone for youself if you are going to die. But you can also give the adrenalin to a dying companion in the base. If a companion is going to die, you find her/him lying in the base just before the heist board. You should make sure that you have one adrenaline in you inventory. If you don’t have one, start crafting it with the laboratory. If you don’t have enough resources, recycle items until you have enough.

All other items are not really needed, but can be quite useful:

Stove: It’s cheep and has no impact to the base. You should know the stove from the beginning of the game.

Industrial Grinder: Hm… Only lock pick can be crafted here. I only know one spot where you kneed a lock pick to discover a clue. You sometimes get lock picks from dead soldiers and there’s a locksmith in the zone.

Chernobylite Synthesizer: Here you can build chernobylite and flares. Flares are used to reach areas blocked by chernobylite. In these areas you mostly can find only chernobylite. Flares can also be used as throwing weapons against chernoblyte monsters.

Radiation Chamber: Just look at the description of that item 🙂

Roller Blending Maching: Totally useless. You can only craft gasmasks and filters. You find enough of them in the zone. If it happens very early in the game that you cannot pass an area in the zone because of gas, just abort the mission and try it again at the next day.

Igor’s Inventory\Weaponsmith
You don’t really need any of them.

Weapons are found in the zone, you don’t need to build a machine which is used only once to craft a weapon.

Ammunition is found in zone, too. Some fights early in the game can be very tough, but there is nearly always a chance to take down soldiers silently, run away or even use the portal generator for an escape.

Calibration tools: With upgraded weapons you can have a lot of fun. With silenced weapons soldiers can be killed with one shot, even from far distance with a sniper gun. One shot doesn’t work on games with hard combat difficulty. Actually none of these calibration tools is essential. There are calibration tools somewhere in the zone and there are spot where you find already upraded weapons.

Molecular Accelorator: You can craft a powerful weapon which make area damage. In the open terrain it can be difficult to aim at your targets and it takes some time to load and fire the weapon. In narrow buildings you can have fun, killing multiple soldiers behind a door with only one shoot.

Igor’s Inventory\Armorsmith
With an armor when taking damage there is a chance that only the armor gets damaged instead of directly loosing healthpoints.

There are three kinds of armor. In my opionion the Tactical Armor which can be crafted at the Industrial Furnace is the best option. You can only use one armor at the time. So there is no need to build all three items.

The Industrial Furnace has several advantages over the Matter Negator:

  • Building the item has no negative impact on your base.
  • You don’t have to build Chernobylite Powered Tools before.
  • Ceramic plates are much cheaper than batteries.
  • Ceramic plates can be found in corpses, batteries not.
Igor’s Inventory\Containers
It’s better to store items in container instead of throwing them away. So you problably will need 3-4 containers. They only differ in capacity and required resources.

Igor’s Iventory\Gardening
In your garden you can get herbs, mushrooms and food. Each item gives you 0.5 resources. These resources are added to you inventory every day after your mission. Either directly or you have to collect the resources by yourself. If you miss a day, the resources are not lost.

The most important resource is food. In games with easy difficulty you dont need a garden at all, the food rations in the zone are big enough. In hard difficulty life is easier with two vegetable gardens per companion.

A mininal Construction of the Base
The following items were sufficient in a game on hard difficulty where I did not spent any point in trainings: (Maybe after early access I have to build additional tools for the Heist.)

Base Upgrades:

  • 1 Work Table
  • 1 Laser Cutting Machine
  • 0 Chernobylite-Powered Tools
  • 5 Sleeping Bags
  • 4 Basic Generators
  • 3 Air Wasching Units
  • 0 Radiation Safety Items
  • 5 Sleeping Bags

Igor’s Inventory:

  • 1 Stove
  • 1 Laboratorium
  • 1 Microprocessor Recycler
  • 1 Industrial Grinder
  • 1 Industrial Furnace
  • 3 Containers
  • 10 Vegetable Gardens

Companions Comfort:

  • 23 Radios

By TimTolle

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