Chasm The Rift: All Secrets Guide (Where to Find)

Screenshot assisted guide for locating all the secrets. Heavy on images.   The Story / Foreword Humankind, in the process of evolution, has encountered a mysterious phenomenon – the destruction of the normal flow of time. From the past to the future, time rifts are forming in Earth’s atmosphere. These rifts lead to different periods … Read more

Chasm The Rift: All Cheat Codes

Cheat code commands for Chasm: The Rift   Console usage Use ~ during gameplay to open up the console then enter the desired cheat code (one by one) Cheat codes List of cheat codes tested in new Chasm: The Rift release NOTE: using cheat codes will temporarily disable achievements, to re-enable them just restart the … Read more

Chasm The Rift: All Weapon and Enemy Stats

Stats of the game’s weapons and enemies. Data taken from chasm.inf file and from in-game testing and observation.   Shotgun Damage: 25 Rate of Fire: 90 rpm DPS: 37.5 Max Ammo: Infinite Notes: – Fires a single projectile Super Shotgun Damage: 16 x 4 Rate of Fire: 65 rpm DPS: 69.3 Max Ammo: 50 Notes: … Read more

Chasm The Rift: How to Dismember Enemies Consistently

Ever wondered why some shots rip off limbs of your enemies and some don’t?   Reassuring Introduction It is a common criticism of Chasm the Rift that shooting feels bland, with enemies being unreactive bullet sponges. It’s a fair criticism, however, sometimes something exciting happens: enemies lose their limbs! Suddenly, enemies do react at being … Read more