Chasm The Rift: All Cheat Codes

Cheat code commands for Chasm: The Rift


Console usage

Use ~ during gameplay to open up the console then enter the desired cheat code (one by one)

Cheat codes

List of cheat codes tested in new Chasm: The Rift release

NOTE: using cheat codes will temporarily disable achievements, to re-enable them just restart the game without saving your game.

Cheat code
get 200 Armor
get all weapons and full ammo
get full ammo
get all keys for current level
get full map (press tab to use it)
go ##
go to desired level, ## stands for the digit number of the level (list bellow)
skips current level


Episode 1 – The CondemNATION
Level 01 – The Power Station
Level 02 – The Military Base
Level 03 – The Underground Base
Level 04 – The Pit of Sarcophagus

Episode 2 – In Search of Inception
Level 05 – Dead River
Level 06 – Underdune
Level 07 – The Tomb of Death
Level 08 – The Curse of The Pharaohs

Episode 3 – The Shadow Zone
Level 09 – The City of Dander
Level 10 – The Fortress of Desolation
Level 11 – Subterranean Horror
Level 12 – Phantom’s Keep

Episode 4 – The Stronghold of Evil
Level 13 – The Weird Dimension
Level 14 – Forsaken in Time
Level 15 – Abreast With Terror
Level 16 – Beyond Reality

Thanks to Elo Rosco for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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