Cardaclysm Redeem Codes (January 2021)

This guide will list known redeem codes available for everyone to redeem.

Redeeming a code for the first time will unlock the achievement ‘Knowledge Is Power’.


List of Redeem Codes
  • W3R3WLF-03

    A werewolf booster pack that unlocks:
    x2 Uncommon Werewolf Renegades – 3/17 gets +4 attack during enemy turn (great for
    retaliating), can be upgraded into a Rare Werewolf Rogue – 5/23 with Corruption and +6 attack during enemy turn.
    x1 Rare Werewolf Infiltrator – 7/14 with Ambush skill, meaning it cannot be attacked for 1 turn
  • H4B12WL-02

    A beta participation reward that unlocks:
    x1 Rare Magical Preparation – Every spell costs 2 runes less. Draw a card.

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