Card Hog: 100% Achievements Guide

This guide is to help others on getting achievements, although, the guide may contain mistakes or simply lack information on the subject matter so user feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Main Achievements

Coins 500
Collect 500 coins
Self explanatory. Coins can be easily spotted and collected. This is in total I believe, so this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get 500 coins in one run.

Coins 1000
Collect 1000 coins
Same with Coins 500 but 1000 instead.

Defeat 100
Defeat 100 enemies
Defeat baddies by either draining their life with weapons or through body kills.

Defeat 250
Defeat 250 enemies
Same with Defeat 100 but 250 instead.

Defeat 500
Defeat 500 enemies
Same with Defeat 100 but 500 instead.

Inspect 50 cards using RMB or SHIFT
By holding down the right mouse button or shift while your cursor is over a card, it will reveal some info. Just view every card that appears to get the achievement easily.

Snack King
Collect 25 food items
This refers to items like the carrot and the honey I believe so pick up 25 of those and you’ll get the achievement.

Shrines 25
Visit 25 Shrines
There are these stone statues with little pig noses carved into them that either give you max health or increase the damage of weapons. Activate 25 of these to get the achievement.

Defeat 5 enemies which killed you before
Just kill 5 baddies that you died from in past runs. Suppose that you got killed by a bee in your last run, you’ve got to kill a bee in future runs.

Use various skills 100 times
These skills are usually throwables/projectiles and spells like the knife throw and the fire ball.

Explore the crashed alien ship
There is a chance for a crashep UFO card to spawn, enter it and explore it a little then exit to get the achievement.

Remove 25
Remove 25 cards from the deck
When certain requirements are met, a door will spawn that leads to a safe area. The top-left raccoon character offers the removal of cards from the deck in exchange for coins. Do this transaction 25 times.

Purchase 50
Add 50 cards to the deck
Opposite of Remove 25. When entering the same safe area, there is a chance for a fox character to appear and it sells you cards to add to the deck. Do this transaction 50 times.

Upgrade 100
Get 100 item upgrades
In the same safe area, a blacksmith should always be there where you can upgrade cards in exchange for gears. (can be collected similarly with coins in runs) Upgrade cards 100 times and you should get the achievement. (does not have to be one specific card)

Top TIer
Upgrade an item to max tier
Save up some gears and focus one item to upgrade. Takes 4 or 5 upgrades iirc to fully max out an item.

Get Cloned
Two hogs are better than one
There is a chance for a working space craft to spawn that clones you when it attacks.

Ok, boomerang
Hit 3 enemies with a single boomerang
Gather up 3 enemies in one row then use a boomerang in that same row.

Cap Swap
Swap mushroom caps
Line up 2 mushrooms in a row or column, make sure the one nearest to you has a cap. Hit the one with the cap and make it hit the other mushroom and you should get the achievement.

Bull Ride
Ride a bull
Use the lasso skill card on a bull.

One goes down, another comes up!
I am not quite sure how I managed to get this achievement. My guess would be that you need to wake up a mole from its hole whilst also hitting another mole then making it go back to its hole. The only way I could think of a plan for this is to switch places with an underground mole so it goes into the sight of another mole that is ready to attack. (this guide is open to suggestions for mistakes and added info so comment down below)

10 Days with Zombies
Survive 10 days in zombie mode
Just avoid hostiles as much as possible and enter the door when it turns night. Repeat this until you get to day 10. Getting the well built will be useful in case you take damage and need healing.

Tis but a Scratch!
Defeat 25 knights
Knights are a kind of mini boss that has lesser chances of spawning than other common enemies. Defeat 25 of them to get the achievement.

Burns Defeated
Defeat boss: Burns
Bosses should start spawning a while after starting the run, defeat this specific boss to get the achievement.

Slimer Defeated
Defeat boss: Slimer
Bosses should start spawning a while after starting the run, defeat this specific boss to get the achievement.

Skullington Defeated
Defeat boss: Skullington
Bosses should start spawning a while after starting the run, defeat this specific boss to get the achievement.

Spider Queen Defeated
Defeat boss: Spider Queen
Bosses should start spawning a while after starting the run, defeat this specific boss to get the achievement.

Disco Alien Defeated
Defeat boss: Disco Alien
Bosses should start spawning a while after starting the run, defeat this specific boss to get the achievement.

Three in One
Defeat three bosses in a single run
Be cautious and try to stay alive as long as possible to defeat three bosses.

Groundhog Day
Go for more challenge 3 times (loops)
Loops refer to each time you interact with the old farmer pig that spawns after a while. Choose go for more challenge three times in a single run to get the achievement.

Secret Achievements

Trap bull in the slime
Have a bull ram into a slime so it gets trapped

Grave Robber
Rob 10 graves
You may encounter graves during runs. Interact with them and collect the item it drops

Iron Snout
Kill a wolf with a cleaver throw
Wolves that spawn are an easter egg referring to the developer’s past game “Iron Snout.” Choose the cleaver throw skill if you have unlocked the last pig character and then wait for a wolf to spawn and kill it with the cleaver.

Bat Sneeze
This one is not infectious
There are vampires that spawn, get them to one health and a bat with a mask should appear. However I am unsure how exactly the achievement unlocks. I am guessing that it would be similar to how the Bless You achievement works.

Bless You
Sneeze 3 times in one run
When you hit a flower enemy with a weapon and don’t kill it in one shot, it will sneeze on you. Have this happen three times and you should get the achievement.

Into the Slime
Become one with a slime
Use the bull skill to ram into a slime and get trapped inside.

No Surprises
Prove you’re not easily fooled
Similar to the Inspector achievement. Hold right mouse button or shift while hovering on a chest card. If it reveals itself to be a mimic chest, the achievement will unlock.

Good Boy
Pet a slime
The requirements for this is unclear but the way i got it was from what I read in a steam discussion about this achievement. I was using the last pig character (the customizeable one) and was holding a crowbar. I then faced a slime in the same row and held right mouse button to inspect it. An animation of petting the slime was played and I got the achievement.

Piece of Sh*t
Mind control a pile of crap
Use the mind control on a piece of crap, dropped by bulls after they charge.

Say Cheese!
Capture a pretty smile
Take a steam screenshot (F12) when a slime enemy is on screen.

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