Call of Duty Black Ops III: Neptune Easter Egg Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how to do the “Neptune” Main Easter Egg, feel free to make a comment.



Download the map Here

This guide assumes you know how to turn on the power

NOTE – Too busy to add pictures right now, will do it later.

Step One: Crew Challenges
NOTE – You don’t have to do these at the start but you should

Each one will give you a challenge, you have to complete them 3 times for each crew member.

  • 4th floor back corner left corner from locker room
  • 5th floor hung in window in pipe hallway
  • 5th floor office breakable glass wall
  • 6th floor by shipping crate that blocks way to helicopter pad
  • 6th floor office by perk machine after hole to 5th floor
Step Two: Captains Challenge
Only accessible after completing all Crew Challenges

WARNING – Brutus spawns after first completion for subsequent runs, all other zones flood, must wait for challenge to appear before progress is made, challenge will end with a nuke that is likely to start the next round.

TIP 1 – You can save a Brutus near the end of the challenge to open the secret blundergat room.

TIP 2 – Completing the first Captain’s Challenge unlocks the crate on the helicopter pad, go to the crane before/after to move the crate blocking the way to the helicopter pad to unlock PAP.

Rewards (Each run adds 50 kills to the requirement)
  • 1st completion – unlock pack a punch, 5000 point drop (One Person Only)
  • 2nd completion – dozen+ tokens, gkz-45 mk3
  • 3rd completion – random bow, keycard for 5th floor door-contains who’s who perk, wunderwaffe and ray gun wall buy
  • Nth completion- random bow
Step Three: Pull Switches

Pull the switches in order (looks like traditional trap switches) – will know if they’re correct because they will be unable to be pulled twice, incorrect order will reset. Order is randomized at the start of the game.

Switch Locations
  • 4th floor outside stairway on right wall
  • 6th floor top level of building
  • 5th floor in office, go from outside stairwell for easy access
  • 6th floor outside debris buy on way to helicopter pad from open area
Step Four: Reset System
Go to the power room and input the 3 monitor combination at the computer. An announcer will repeat 3 words.

Symbols based off what the system says
  • November = square
  • Tango = blank
  • pop pop(?) = circle
  • Echo = Z
  • uniform= triangle
Step Five: Simon says
Finishing Simon says at each location will turn on a computer showing a “grid” with a square in a position. Make note of it.

Simon say’s Locations
  • 5th floor outside steam room
  • 6th floor top level by perk machine / emergency computer
  • 6th floor central computers on way to crane
Step Six: Crate Code
Look at 3 computers for the combination – rows correspond to the numbers in binary (001=1, 010=2, 100=4). The order for the numbers is from top to bottom.

Rows Example


Step Seven: Crates
  • 6th floor on crane
  • 6th floor on way to helicopter pad
  • 4th floor after 1st debris buy
  • 5th floor to hallway on way to power room/perk & emergency computer location
Step Eight: Ritual Sites
Take the contents of each crate to each X on the map to create a ritual site. Get hit in the in ritual circle to activate the ritual, fill with souls until a ball of fire spawns from the circle.

Ritual “X” Locations
  • 6th floor by hole that leads to power
  • 5th floor offices right of power sign from hallway
  • 4th floor perk location
  • 6th floor nearby stair to top level
Step Nine: Flood the map
Go back and initiate the Captain’s challenge again to flood the map, after finishing the challenge the one of the ritual sites will have “black hole”.

Step Ten: Activate Portal
Once finding the black hole on top one of the ritual sites, take hits in the ritual site, once you’ve taken enough hits the portal will spawn.

Step Eleven: Boss Fight
Once you step inside the portal it will teleport you to the boss arena.

Once the boss fight starts you will have to do 3 rituals to make the boss vulnerable, shoot the boss.
If you’ve done enough damage, the boss will show as damaged and the next phase will start. Repeat another 2 times. (If you didn’t do enough damage, you will have to do the same as before)

TIP – Fire zombies 100% of the time drop max ammo’s

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