BROK the InvestiGator: All Ads Locations

Need help finding the Ads in the game? This guide will tell you where to find them!



Hello, and welcome to my Ad-hunting guide. In it, I will show the locations of all the ads hiding in each area. There are 111 total, with three in each area, and I will do my best to inform you of their locations throughout the guide.

You can easily get these Ads on your first visit in each location, unless mentioned otherwise, so there’s no problem in missing out on them.

Please note, this is still a work in progress as I am making the guide as I’m playing the game. If you have any information on where some of the Ads are, and they are locations I mention in the guide, please feel free to comment and I will go back and get them myself, and also provide credit for finding them.

Brok’s Apartment

  • Open the Fridge. The ad is on the bottom shelf of the practically empty appliance.

  • Underneath the sink in the back right of the room is a pile of clothes. The ad is hiding under the dark bag within those clothes.

  • If you look carefully at the bed, you’ll find one peeking out of the blankets along the floor.

Brok’s Hall

  • Open the mailbox and inspect it twice. The first time you get an item as a sidequest. The second time, you will find an Ad that was hidden.

  • Inspect the Job Board. Hiding behind the top-right Ad for the Trasher Hunt, another Ad is tucked away. Make sure you hover the cursor over the Ad so that it shows Brok’s hand instead of the standard pointer to pick this one up. This Ad is missible if you destroy the Job Board!

  • This can only be found when Brock is in Fighting mode. Jump repeatedly on the distressed tile between Brok’s Apartment door and the Job Board. After a couple jumps, Brok comments on the cracked tile, and will find the Ad hiding underneath it.

Outside Apartment

  • On the roof of the apartment, there is a hole in the floorboards near the Trasher Hunt building. The ad is visible in the hole

  • Next to the Tramp is the remains of what is supposed to be a car. The ad is laying on the tire.

  • The flier for Graff’s favorite band has an Ad on one of the tearaway strips of paper dangling underneath it.

Drumer Street

  • Basically, you can purchase this Ad from the vending machine sitting on the side of the left building. However, ONLY the vending machine sitting on the side has it; the one facing forward does not.

  • On the hologram sign in front of the Pharmacy camera is an Ad that cleverly disguises itself as part of the sign itself. It’s easy to overlook if you don’t’ pay attention.

  • Use a thin narrow item, such as the Apartment Key, to grab the Ad between the Trash chute vent on the far right of the street.

Back Alley

You will need to clear out the alley of the boxes before you can access any of the Ads.

  • Switch to Fighting mode, equip a weapon, and throw it into the target. The Ad will pop out upon hitting the target.

  • Found on the elbow of the giant pipe in the right side of the alley.

  • Switch to Fighting mode to climb on the red triangle structures in the back, to reach the Ad attached to the grid-like fence.


PREPARATION – To get one of the ads, make sure you have a remote control available. To get the remote control:

  1. Visit Sin’s apartment, press the button to drop the bed, and examine the device that was hidden in the support frame.
  2. Talk to Shay, and show her the broken device. She will fix it and tell you its purpose.


  • Interact with all the blue buttons on the products wall on the left. After interacting with the sixth one, you get the Ad as a free bonus.

  • Interact with the Medical Panel, and pay the 50 Unis to get Brok’s health report. The machine will also dispense a “prescription”, which ends up being an Ad.

  • Use the Remote control on the left floating Ad bubble to disable it and drop it to the floor, making the Ad reachable.

Sewers (Entrance)

  • Examine the hole next to the flyer. Despite Brok’s hesitance, an Ad is found hiding inside of it.

  • On the right wall, between the pipe and the trough of chemicals, is an X mark on the wall. Switch to Fighting mode and punch the wall several times to break it open and reveal the Ad.

  • It is very difficult to see, even with the picture, but there is an ad blending very well into the wall just underneath the bridge.

Sewers (Inside)

  • After clearing out the Squealers, investigate the bin in the far corner a couple times. After some searching, Brok will eventually find the Ad hiding in the pile.

  • Very difficult to see, as it blends in the background, but this Ad is located along the ledge just a few feet away from the wires (As shown in the picture).

  • Switch to Fighting mode and jump over the acidic chemicals to reach a small island where the Ad resides. You can get this one easier if you jump from the right side, after passing the mines.

Sewers (Engine)

  • When examining the gun, flip it to the dirty side. The Ad is clearly visible on the gun, where the logo is.

  • This one is obtained through the maze mini-game. One of the objects you get when you clear out the pipes is an Ad.

  • Inspect the middle of the three pipes sticking out from the machine on the right, but be careful, as it’s over a pit.

Sector 56X

  • In the wooden wall past the vendor, an Ad is hiding in a hole.

  • In the broken Pipe-Pill at the entrance to the sector, you’ll find the ad in the opening.

  • This Ad is hiding on the top of the arched bridge leading to Sin’s apartment. It blends in well with the ground, so it’s easy to miss.

Sin’s Hall

  • Interact with the rear left door a few times, to annoy the tenant enough to push out a catalog that contains the Ad in it.

  • Similar to Brok’s hall, there is a mailbox area; most of them are damaged, save one that seems nearly intact. You can open it either by going into Fighting mode, or using the Stick to pry open the box to get the Ad.

  • On the right side of the hall is a bunch of rubble. At the spot where the wall of the hallway has turned into said rubble, there is an Ad sitting on one of the rocks.

Sin’s Apartment

  • Inspect Sin’s jacket hanging on the wall.The Ad is hiding in a flier in one of the pockets.

  • Press the button on the wall to drop the bed. Behind the newly revealed wall section is an Ad stuck in the cracks.

  • Next to Sin is a pile of glasses. Hiding in the glasses is an Ad. You may have to adjust the pointer to change it to Brok’s hand to interact with it, and not the glasses.

Garage (Outside)

  • In front of the garage door is a shirt draped over the fence. Just to the left of that shirt, on the ground, is an Ad.

  • Jump into the water and swim your way to the overturned boat. An ad is stuck on the side of the boat.

  • Travel through the water and very far into the background. An Ad is placed at the end of the island, near the tip.

Garage (Inside)

  • There is a hole in the floor underneath the blue floating chair. The Ad is hiding inside of it, but the chair sometimes covers its location as it floats up and down.

  • Within the tubes of (questionable) food on the back counter, lies an Ad. It’s difficult to see so you may need to move your cursor around before Brok’s hand indicates its location.

  • Next to Shay, on the mat, you can barely see the Ad in the shadow of the Desk.

Virtual Arena

  • On the floor just as you enter, you’ll see some kind of… Metal Thing (Shay Says it’s an air glider if you examine it). Underneath it, you’ll see the Ad sticking out.

  • There’s an ad hiding underneath the bed.

  • Go behind the glass cabin. On the very far edge of the wall you’ll find the add in the shadows.

Border Post

PREPARATION – To get two of the Ads, you need to do a series of steps first:

  1. Speak to the robot enough times to ask him to gain access to the building in the back
  2. Once inside the building, interact with the controls to start the sorting mini-game. Intentionally block either of the lower tubes with a large box, then place a small square box next to it to create a staircase.
  3. Use the elevator to reach the upper floor, then switch to Fighting mode (or examine the boxes) and hop up the makeshift staircase to the platform – you automatically switch to Adventure mode at this point. Climb up the ladder to reach the roof.

  • On the roof, the Ad is stuck on the large pipe next to the triangle-shaped door.

  • An Ad is inside the building in the back, on the floor. It is very hard to see because it is behind some glass,but the picture provided shows that it would be to the left of the bench.

  • Use the Apartment key on the left support beam holding up an advertising board, then switch to Fighting mode and damage the board enough to knock it off the roof. Climb back down to ground level and inspect the vending machine that has been smashed by the board to retrieve the Ad.

Trasher Hunter

  • One Ad can be found as a treasure in the Treasure Hunter mini-game. However, this is a random chance, so it is not guaranteed to be found on the first attempt.

  • Inspect the Control panel of the Treasure hunter. hiding in the shadows in the top-left corner is an Ad.


  • This can only be found in Fighting mode. Punch the Hat stand Excuse me. The Statue a couple times to spit the Ad out.


Yes, they actually have Ads hiding on the map itself. They are very tiny to find and blend in well with the background.

  • This Ad is located along the shoreline near the top of the map, at the mouth of the river.

  • This Ad is located within the Domed area itself. Brok can see the Ad on the outside, but you cannot retrieve it until you have access into the Dome itself.

  • This Ad is located along the river, north of Brok’s home.

Thanks to Chamelion for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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