Bridge Constructor Portal: All Levels Guide

Levels 01 – 20 These are all rather easy so I’ll just add the screenshots, plus some comments if there’s something worth noting. Level 1 – $8700 Level 2 – $10900 Level 3 – $11950 Level 4 – $9850 Level 5 – $35900 Typical under support structures you can do in the Bridge Constructor series, although here it doesn’t work … Read more

Bridge Constructor Portal: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for beginners.   Material cost: This is quite obvious, but I’ll still say it anyways: ROPES!!! When optimizing, use ropes… they’re cheaper and usually sturdy enough. Planks are sturdier but more expensive so try to use less them as support structures, or at least try to get craftier with … Read more