Bread & Fred: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Bread & Fred.


Complete all misions


Steal the ball to the kids at beginning and bring it to the hoop on mines.

Complete “Friendly Foothils” mision

You can pass the ball 5 times without touching the floor for another achievement.

Pass the ball 5 times without it touching the floor


There’s a secret cave with a canvas, bring it to the up right to the painter.

πŸ† Muse
Complete “Windy Winds” mission


Take the seal and give it to the mine’s pinguin

πŸ† Lost Soul
Complete “Fishy Mines” mission


Take the rock on the top of the mountain and bring it to the old man on the beggining.

πŸ† Reunion
Complete “The Peak” mission

πŸ† Good Neightbour
Complete all misions


On the end, at this point you can fall more than 100 meters to the ground.

πŸ† OUCH!
Fall more than 100m

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