Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: How to Disable Vibrations

Here is a guide on how to disable vibrations once and for all, Windows 10, Xbox One controller.   How to Disable Vibrations There’s a small difference in the command line though, so here’s the new procedure : Open in explorer : Documents \ My Games \ Borderlands Game Of The Year \ WillowGame \ Config … Read more

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: How to Disable HUD

Quick guide of editing a .ini-file to add a toogle HUD function to the game   Editing the configuration file Go to […]\Steam\steamapps\common\BorderlandsGOTYEnhanced\Engine\Config Open BaseInput.ini with a Texteditor Add the following line in the list of keybindings: Bindings=(Name=”F11″,Command=”togglehud”) Save and exit Start the game. Press F11 ingame to disable the HUD By tarikja