Borderlands GOTY Enhanced: How to Disable Vibrations

Here is a guide on how to disable vibrations once and for all, Windows 10, Xbox One controller.


How to Disable Vibrations

There’s a small difference in the command line though, so here’s the new procedure :

Open in explorer :
Documents \ My Games \ Borderlands Game Of The Year \ WillowGame \ Config

In the Config directory, look for the file WillowGame.ini

Copy it somewhere else, as a back up in case anything go wrong.

Then open the file with notepad (right click, open with…) or your favorite text editor.

Search for the following lines (Ctrl + F) :


and replace it by :


The line :
can be written twice in the file, depending on your PC, therefore make sure to make a second search in the file once you modified the line !

Check also if the line :
is indeed on False, not true (if that’s the case, change it).
Note that this line might not be written in your file, it depends on your PC. If the line is not there don’t bother.

Save, close.

Thanks to ComposMentis for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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