Bloody Trapland 2 Curiosity: Well Hidden Secret Achievement Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to get the achievement “Well Hidden Secret”.



This particular achievement seems to be quite elusive, as it is possible to get all the other ones without getting it, event tough it shouldn’t be so, probably due to a bug. So far we have found no guide or hint about how to get this achievement, so we are providing both here.

How to

It is in World 4

You’ve never really had to do anything to unlock level T2, where should you have unlocked it? (Also, this is the bug mentioned before. Since it’s possible to get to the extra level without actually having to complete this achievement’s condition, it’s very easy to overlook it and feel completely lost about where it should be)

It is in world 4-9

Look for a little eye mark in the level

Here’s where you should go. Before doing anything else in this level, drop where the first bridge will land, jump towards the floating rock and then towards the wall with the eye symbol, which will fade. You unlock the achievement when you press the button. If you wish, you can go towards the the upper exit and place the coin, but it’s not required.

By Felipe//The Postman

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