Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: Bloodless Item Map

This is a quick and simple map for the Bloodless character. It shows where each of her abilities and stat increases are, as well as a brief explanation of her moveset.


Power Ups


Sliding: Found in Dian Cécht Cathedral, directly to the left of where you start the game. Allows you to slide. #wow #whoa

Scarlet Thrust: (30 MP) Found in Dian Cécht Cathedral, in the bell tower past the rubble that you need to clear. Basic attack magic at an awkward angle, but can hit larger foes up to three times.
-Can also be found in the 8-Bit Nightmare, right before the Eight Bit Overlord. The second time you obtain this, you can charge up the spell to travel along the ground for a good distance.

Charged Umbrella: Found in Dian Cécht Cathedral, right before the Craftwork boss fight; you do not need to fight the boss to get the ability. Attacks do a little under triple damage a normal melee hit would, and knock enemies quite a distance away. The knockback even affects most bosses, and it can guard against melee attacks and projections.

Guillotine Umbrella: Found in Arvantville, in the room where you’d normally find the shop. When floating, your umbrella will quickly attack and block projectiles. You can still attack while floating and it’s easy to double up on the damage dealt.

Wing Demon’s Blood: Found on the Galleon Minerva, in the room where you’d normally start the game as Miriam. Allows you to float for a much longer period of time.

Blood Steal: Found in the Tower of Twin Dragons, right after the Valac boss fight. Drains blood from the area, but only heals MP instead of HP.

Blood Pillar: (50 MP) Found in the Forbidden Underground Waterway, in a side room at the top of the waterfall. Launches a large pillar of blood that moves back and forth in front of you.
-Can also be found in the Inferno Cave, right before the Orobas boss fight. The second time you obtain this, Blood Pillar will also launch a pillar of blood behind you.

Water Demon’s Blood: Found in the Forbidden Underground Waterway, locked behind a door between the second and third entrance to the Waterway. You’ll need to be able to go through the Blood Fountain in the Entranceway to access it.

Blood of Flight: Found in the Hidden Desert, directly below Alfred’s boss fight, which remains locked until he is defeated. Allows for the use of Super Jump.

Scarlet Cyclone: (66 MP/s) Found in the Underground Sorcery Lab, to the left of the teleport gate. Summons a massive cyclone of blood in front of you that stunlocks most foes and bosses while dealing high damage.

Blood Rain: (44 MP) Found in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, in one of the side rooms that is accessible from the teleporting gate maze. Summons a persistent blood cloud that deals a massive amount of damage to foes inside of it.

Vampiric Blood: Found in the Secret Sorcery Lab, to the right of the teleport gate. Allows Blood Steal to recover HP as well as MP.

Umbrella Toss: (32 MP) Found in Livre Ex Machina, in the very top right corner. Summons an umbrella that will swoop down and pierce through foes. Difficult to aim, but does high damage.

Stat Increases

Blood of Brutality: Increases Strength

Blood of Tenacity: Increases Constitution

Blood of Erudition: Increases Intelligence

Blood of Faith: Increases Mind

Blood of Fortune: Increases Luck

Arcane Blood: Increases MP Regeneration


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