Bless Unleashed: How to Make Star Seeds Quick & Easy

In this guide I will help you to make starseeds pretty efficiently every day you log in.


Heres a Rough idea of what were going to be doing and what you will be needing.
in this guide i will go through 3 different ways i normally make my starseeds quick if im in a hurry to buy a amour or anything on the market.
and some of the methods will be much effective if u have 2-3 characters which are above lvl 30 or 35
and have at least 40k – 50k StarSeeds in their account.

1. Gathering Lumious Roots
i dont know why but people buy a lot of these roots, at least in my server (kuat ran)
so by selling these Roots can be a really effective way of making SS

– before you start gathering, be sure to pop a gathering booster, and you get those boosters pretty frequently my mail, so i dont think you will be in needing of buying them form the MP

heres a route i normally take in CARZACOR when im out farming.

after you’re done farming in the channel that you’re on, you can change through channels and gather them as much as u want, until the booster runs out.
and they spawn pretty frequently so there’s nothing to worry about if you see someone else also farming in the same location.

at the time I’m making this guide, luminous roots sell for 250 – 200 SS depending on how much ur selling.
so that’s 250 X minimum on 300 roots will get you = 75,000 and with all the tax and mp cut itll be around 55 – 60k in ur bank.

now that’s progress & let’s move on.

2. Selling Bless Breath’s (u need ss at least 30k in ur acc to do this method)
In this method, were gonna be re-selling Bless Breaths that were gonna be buying from the altar and Fusing them into Purple ones and gonna be selling them for a higher price.

Right now there’s an event going about, so it costs 8000 SS to get 10 breaths, so its 24,000 SS to get 30 Breath’s (normally its 10k to buy 10 breath’s)

and if you don’t know to buy Breaths, First, you will have to Press ESC > Ancient Altar > Bless Breath’s > Click on Draw 10 pack
you can do this 3 times every 14 hrs if im correct so, yeah… now fusing the breaths that we have

find this guy on your map, and he will be available in bigger cities like in Carzacor, Navvara city or even in Trizerra Castle

and here’s how fusing works.

  • 5 White breaths make 1 Green
  • 5 Green breaths make 1 Blue
  • 5 Blue Breaths make 1 Purple
  • 5 Purple Breaths make 1 Yellow

the market price for these in Kuat Ran server is around 55 – 60k SS per Purple Breath and yellow can go up to 100 – 150k depending on what the current best build is for the characters.

if you don’t have star seeds, you can fight a lot of mobs around the map and loot them and you will get some WHITE Breath drop as well. that’s also a way you can make SS

3. Selling Repair Tools (recommended for lvl 35 and above)
So why is it recommended for lvl 35 and above?
its bcz if ur a lower lvl player, you will most likely need these currencies were about to invest to lvl up your gear or buy some stuff from the npc’s so wasting this will impact you later on.
so pls don’t do this unless you have a lot of these currencies to spare.

to do this method, you will have to find this guy first, and as far as i know. ive only seen this guy in Navarra city only. so idk if hes there in any other places and if he is. pls let me know by commenting,
and ill give credit

this guy will be there near the teleport post in the middle of the city of navarra.
he will require you to have these blue SOULS currencies that you can get by killing regional field boss and opening their chest’s
(do all the field bosses every day, to rack up some souls and this takes time)

you buy a blue Precise Repair Tool from him for around 5000 Blue Souls and it sells on the market for around 46 – 50k each in my server.

and if you run out of these souls, no worries! you can go to the LIMITED TIME MERCHANT right near the npc in the middle of the town and buy the same Precise Repair Tool for 5000 Yellow Gear (these gear currencies are used for upgrading armour and if ur into upgrading gears don’t do this)

Thanks to Axiata for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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