Bleach Blood War Codes (August 2023): Free XP, Magatamas, and More

Enter the world of Bleach Blood War, a captivating mobile game that offers thrilling battles and an opportunity to build your own powerful squad. In this article, we will explore the game’s features and provide you with exclusive gift codes to enhance your gaming experience. Get ready to recruit over 100 characters and embark on epic adventures filled with excitement and strategic gameplay.

All codes work in current version 1.0

Bleach: Blood War Gift Codes

Bleach Blood War offers a simple yet engaging gameplay experience designed to provide fun moments and help you relieve stress. With over 100 characters available for recruitment, you have the freedom to create your own squad and unleash your creativity to build the strongest team. Now, let’s delve into the gift codes that will give you an extra edge in your battles:

New Players’ Rewards

  • Magatamas*10,000
  • Advanced Summon Ticket*100
  • Limited Summon Orb*50
  • Pact Crystal*20
  • Hero XP*5,000,000
  • Kan*5,000,000
  • Ascension Pill*10,000

Working Gift Codes

  • Free Rewards – W15DISCORD (New! & Valid untilĀ  8.31.2023)
  • Free Rewards – MARGERA (New! & Valid until 8.30.2023)
  • Free Rewards – BLOOD520 (Newbie)
  • Free Rewards – FAN10000
  • Free Rewards – WTG1000
  • Free Rewards – DISCORDW1
  • Free Rewards – BAODANH3

Note: Remember to redeem gift codes promptly, as they may have expiration dates or limited availability. Enjoy the thrill of unlocking exclusive rewards and building your strongest squad in Bleach Blood War!

Expired Gift Codes

  • ZL200
  • ZL100
  • XiangYing
  • Free Rewards – SLEEPY
  • Free Rewards – THAILANDNAKUB
  • Free Rewards – NELLIELTU
  • Free Rewards – FREE
  • Free Rewards – PinoyPride
  • Free Rewards – W3DISCORD
  • Free Rewards – WHOSMINE
  • Free Rewards – WHOSOOKI
  • Free Rewards – NNOITORA
  • Free Rewards – CHILDREN
  • Free Rewards – W2DISCORD
  • Free Rewards – FAN15000
  • Free Rewards – FC3024
  • Free Rewards – ryukoYT
  • Free Rewards – CONGRATS


How to Redeem the Gift Codes

Redeeming gift codes in Bleach Blood War is a simple process. Follow these steps to redeem your codes and receive your rewards:

  1. Launch Bleach Blood War on your mobile device.
  2. Look for the “Gift Code” option, which is located in the game’s main menu.
  3. Tap on the “Gift Code” option to open the code redemption interface.
  4. Enter the provided gift code accurately, taking care to input all characters correctly.
  5. After entering the code, tap on the “Exchange” button to submit it.
  6. A confirmation message will appear if the code is valid, and your rewards will be instantly added to your account.

For visual assistance, refer to the accompanying screenshots below:

Now that you have successfully redeemed your gift codes, let’s explore some tips on discovering more codes and maximizing your rewards in Bleach Blood War.


How to Get the Latest News and Codes?

The game developers will release the new codes and update logs via their Facebook Page. you can follow them to get the notification when there are any new codes. alternatively, you can also bookmark this page to get the new working codes.

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