Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy Codes for July 2024

Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy (Also named “Immortal Myth- Eastern Fantasy”) is an enthralling idle RPG that immerses you in an ancient, mystical realm filled with challenges and adventures. With auto-battle and idle clicker features, this game is perfect for those who enjoy captivating gameplay with minimal effort. In this guide, we will provide you with the latest redeem codes, explain how to use them, and give you some tips to make the most out of these rewards.


All Blade Fantasy Gift Codes

Below is a list of the latest active redeem codes for Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy. These codes can provide you with valuable rewards to enhance your gameplay experience.

  • WEEK49 (New!)
  • WEEK48
  • WEEK47
  • WEEK46
  • WEEK45
  • WEEK44
  • WEEK43
  • WEEK42
  • WEEK41
  • WEEK40
  • WEEK38
  • WEEK37
  • FBEV36
  • FBEV35
  • FBEV34
  • FBEV33
  • FBEV31
  • FBEV30
  • FBEV29
  • FBEV28
  • FBEV27
  • FBEV26
  • FBEV25
  • labour1
  • FBEV24
  • FBEV23
  • FBEV22
  • FBEV21
  • hwmd38
  • FBEV20
  • FBEV19
  • FBEV18
  • FBEV17
  • lunar2023
  • FBEV16
  • FBEV14
  • FBEV13
  • year2023
  • FBEV10
  • FBEV09
  • FBEV08
  • FBEV07
  • FBEV06
  • FBEV03
  • FBEV02
  • FBEV01
  • BFGP2022
  • 3Q4LIKE
  • VIP777
  • VIP555
  • Code888
  • Preorder

Check regularly for new codes to continuously benefit from the latest rewards.


How to Redeem Codes

Redeeming codes in Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Open the Game: Launch Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy on your device.
  2. Go to Award: Tap on the “Award” icon on the main screen.
  3. Activate Redemption: Select the “Activate Redemption” option.
  4. Enter Code: Input one of the redeem codes listed above and confirm to receive your rewards.


Game Description

Blade Epic-Immortal Fantasy transports you into the mystical and ancient open world of the East, where you cross the gates between Yin and Yang and combine traditional Tai Chi with the mystical study of Yin-Yang Bagua. Your goal is to survive the challenging tests set by the gods and progress towards immortality. Wield your weapons and immortal skills to defeat giant beasts, unlock new levels, and earn rich rewards to enhance your combat prowess. Join other brave cultivators to restore tranquility to the immortal world!

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