BLACKTAIL: How to Get All Achievements

Here is a guide on how to get 100% achievements in BLACKTAIL.


Story (Unmissable)


Smash many Root-infested vessels

*These are those clay pots that are everywhere, dash or ‘F’ through them. Eventually this will pop.

Fishing fanatic
Fish out a few fish

Sneak peek
Discover quite a few rose secrets

The word around is…
Hear a great lot of bobok gossip

Tooth fairy
Collect 20 Teeth

Dental maturity
Collect 32 Teeth

*For the Teeth (Inside Chests) and Bobok, they seem to refresh after a very small time and with every teleport. So these achievements should be quite easy to get now.


Devil’s in the details
Accept Boruta’s deal

Slavic squatter
Squat many times

*Spam crouch (Crl) till it pops

Defeat every Fightable mushroom

Mushrooming enthusiast
Defeat every fightable mushroom

1) Can be found on the fist Mission “There be Dragons”, literally unmissable. Blocking your Path.


Liar Liar
Trick the bees

Gold rush

Be either as good or as evil as possible

Earn the Favorite title

Forbidden techniques
Brew every Special Treat


Baba Yaga

Earn the Queen title

Earn either the Ornithologist or the Beekeeper title


The cycle acknowledged

Spirit animal
Brew every skill of a single Hex type

A friend in need…

Always worth a try

Witch’s cookbook
Learn all the skill recipes

Extensive retelling
Finish all the side quests

Bad apple
Poison the hedgehog

Both sides
Put all the Lost and Found on the shelf


Awards unawarded


Mushrooming enthusiast
Defeat every fightable mushroom

Apex predator

Find every Totem

Thanks to Raxrr for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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