Bendy and the Dark Revival: All Audio Log Locations

Still missing 3 of the Audio’s myself, once they’re done I’ll upload and edit. Here is a list of all 28.   Audio Log list Chapter 1 End of an Era – Nathan Arch Hardly Working – Angus Newman Door Codes – Dale Little The Machine – Wilson Move On – Shawn Flynn Inspiration – … Read more

Bendy and the Dark Revival: 100% Achievement Guide

This guide’s focus is aid those looking for achievements throughout Bendy and the Dark Revival.   Introduction Welcome to the Bendy and the Dark Survival achievement guide! The goal of this guide is to help others who are looking for achievements. The sections will be ordered depending on the characteristics of the achievement, such as … Read more

Bendy and the Dark Revival: Chapter 5 Riddle Solution

“So you might have found yourself stuck along with a certain Angel trying to solve the riddle she presents to you almost halfway through chapter 5, Don’t worry pal, I’ve got just the guide you need”   So what’s the right code to open the door? The code is “Bunny – Bear – Bird – … Read more