Bendy and the Dark Revival: All Audio Log Locations

Still missing 3 of the Audio’s myself, once they’re done I’ll upload and edit.

Here is a list of all 28.


Audio Log list

Chapter 1
End of an Era – Nathan Arch
Hardly Working – Angus Newman
Door Codes – Dale Little
The Machine – Wilson
Move On – Shawn Flynn
Inspiration – Nathan Arch
Hiding Treasures – Kay Lee
Strange Money – Grant Cohen

Chapter 2
Dancing Clock – Bill Danton
Productive Day – Phil Clark
The Snake – Wilson
She is the Fourth – Jane Todd
Grand Opening – Nathan Arch
Weirdness – Lance Derby
After Hours – Hank Scott
The Exhibit – Nathan Arch

Chapter 3
Dark Places – Grace Conway
Sewer Songs – Jack Fain
New Job – Steve McGregor (**Missing***/Could be in Chp 4?)

Chapter 4
Trouble Town – Kitty Thompson
Chapter One – Wally Franks (**Missing**)
Paid to Die – Archie Carter
Keeper Log 13
Keeper Log 26
Keeper Log 44

Chapter 5
A Gift to Mankind – Wilson
In Plain Sight – Wilson (**Missing**)
The Bigger Things – Nathan Arch (Inside the Lab – After the point of no return)

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