Behind the Frame The Finest Scenery: Jack’s DLC Achievements Guide

Guide to help you complete the achievements for the newly released Jack DLC! Not spoiler-free.


Jack’s DLC Achievements Guide

Keep just the most beautiful moments.

Finish the DLC. This achievement is automatically awarded and cannot be missed.

So Lost
You’re chasing memories of the past…

When going outside, after following Amber to the coffee shop, keep clicking on her before she disappears until the achievement unlocks.

He and His Cat
You’re a good hooman.

Open the third can of food for your cat.

Realist Artist
Capture the moment as it is.

When going outside, go down the stairs opposite Amber and draw the sprout. Then follow Amber once and go to the alleyway to the left and draw the birds on the tree and the bakery.

Postmodern Can Lid
Perhaps reconstructable cans are a kind of art.

Mess with the can lid while opening it before opening it fully until you get the achievement.

Run, Jack, Run!
Run toward your dream.

When going outside, run up and down the stairs opposide amber over and over until you get the achievement.

The Finest Scenery
Unlock all DLC achievements.

Exactly what it says. Enjoy your 100%!

Thanks to Red for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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