Base One Save File Location

Base One is a new released game developed by Pixfroze. it is now available on Steam however, there are lots of bug for the new game. if you have the save issue and want to find the save file. here we will tell you.


Base One Save Game Location

File location: C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\LocalLow\PixFroze\Base One

Note: if you can not find the AppData file, just go to the option to enable the “Hidden File”.


Base One Game Launch Trailer

About Base One Game:

Base One is a base building management strategy game with an RPG twist. After a large wormhole tears the moon apart and causes unprecedented levels of natural disasters, the Earth Global Union create the “Solution” space exploration program in order to explore the wormhole for a new home. As a member of the “Solution” program, it is up to you to expand the fleet, find valuable minerals and new planets to inhabit – and maybe even save the Earth from ecological destruction!


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