Barotrauma: Electrical and Logical Components Guide

A detailed description of the work of electrical and logical components in the game Barotrauma.   Disclaimer I have made a description only of those components, which have very important nuances that are not described anywhere else. I see no reason to add a description of components, such as “upper rounding”, “abs” or those whose … Read more

Barotrauma: Diving Guide for Beginners

Europan waters is not a friendly place, and divers encounter more workplace hostility than all other occupation onboard a submarine, if not from co-workers and the captain. Experienced divers are a rarity among submarine crew, even more so than less murderous medics. This guide is written to help those daunted by the dark depths of … Read more

Barotrauma: How to Make Money

This is a guide on how to gain a lot of free supplies, materials, and credits in campaign mode (Single player or multi player)   Preface Some notes: This strategy will stretch your moral fibers. It involves any station you can dock at, its reactor room, some diving suits, a welding tool and violence. Much … Read more