Bad Dream: Coma – Dirty Cursor Achievement Guide

Step to step guide for the Dirty Cursor Achievement in Bad Dream: Coma


This needs to be done in a NEUTRAL run, but the BAD kind of neutral. Here’s how:
First thing first, before we start. one thing:
In this run, try to injure yourself as much as you can. Pick up all the prickly flowers bare handed, touch all the broken glasses that you encounter, feed the leeches with your blood, touch all the toys in order to get biten, and so on.
Kill ONE crow on the bridge.
Smash the doll.
Chapter 2) – WOUND
Do NOT kill any spiders.
do NOT injure anybody in order to reattach your fingers/reassemble the guy in need of ear/eyes/hair.
Gather the flower with your hands. (injury)
Get needlessly biten by the rat guarding the skull. (injury)
Get attacked by the gravedigger. (injury)
Erase Teddy and grab it’s head.
Kill the dog (T_T) with the bear trap.
All the other bad things that you may do in this chapter (I.E. drug the fishing dude) become mandatory if you do so.
Click the floating head in the lake bare handed to get the leech, then feed it your blood by hovering your cursor over it whilst mid air. (injury)
Gather the flower with your hands. (injury)
reminder: to fix the flat tire you need to pour salt on the snail, fish the cigarette, put it in the honey, lit it and then use the empty jar. Pick up the used chewing gum in the tend

Click the mouse hole in the computer room. (injury)
Give the number 3 to the guy holding his guts.
Cut your fingers off with the mouse trap. (injury)
click all 5 leeches in the bathroom. (injury)
Give the old rude guy water from the toilet (IMPORTANT)
Get healed by the nurse (unavoidable) and THEN click the leech on the table. (injury)
Give the toy clown to the teddybear.
Chapter 6) – CORRECTOR
Not much to do here
Click the pieces of the broken mirror (injury)
Reach the last checkpoint on the board game without using the pen, then you can use it a couple of times (atleast one, but do not exaust it). When the doorbell rings, do not go answer the door.
Chapter 7) – AGONY
Kill the rabbit and use it’s paw to erase the “GO AWAY” sign (yes, you have the pen still, yes do it anyway, you need it on the screen right after that one)
Click ALL the toys atleast once. (injury)
Open the box and pick up the scissors with what’s left of your bare hands. (injury)
Remember to pick up the rug before entering the basement via the drawing near the end of the chapter.
Chapter 8)
Erase the zombie.
Erase the lady on the bench. (talk to here twice)
Pick up the teddybear head in the shed.
Erase the kid.
Enter the crypt and click on the turd on the floor EXACTLY 5 times. Careful now, you cannot click on anything rather than the mandatory things to click, not even the floor, or else your cursor will become clean, missing the achievement. (I suggest to select an item, so you’ll avoid random clicks with the cursor)
Take the hot air baloon and go back to the hospital.
IMPORTANT! The first person to erase in here is the lady in the kitchen.
Then erase, in order:
Doctor (the head)
Fisherman (the guy we previously drugged)
Nurse (re enter the doctor’s office)
The man and the lady together in the room in the main corridor
“Holding my guts” guy
Guy in a full body cast
Grumpy guy will appear in the corridor right after, his turn now.
Enter the toilet and erase yourself.
There you go! You should now have unlocked the Dirty Cursor achievement.
I hope this guide will prove helpful in the hunt of this achievement, please let me know if you got it with it, or if it didn’t work for you, so I can provide further help.
Also feel free to let me know if you need help with some other achievement for this wonderful game, I’ll gladly make another guide if needed 🙂

By Sorathil

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  1. Just letting everyone know to press space to skip dialogs after you click the poo in chapter 8. First time I did it I was clicking for the dialogs and your curser does become clean.


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