Atomic Heart: Testing Grounds/ Polygons Guide

A WIP guide to Polygons/ Testing Grounds. Updated 23 Feb.   Atomic Fart What are Polygons/ Testing Grounds Testing Grounds (a.k.a. Polygons) are dungeons scattered around the Main World which usually contains a set of challenges (mostly puzzles) and unique rewards. Testing Grounds include unique rewards in the form of Weapon Upgrade Blueprints. There are 8 dungeons in total, each one includes 3 reward … Read more

Atomic Heart: FOV Fixed, Mouse Accel Disabled, and Intro Movies Skipped

Here are some fixes for the new Steam game “Atomic Heart”. which will let you fix the FOV issue, disable mouse accel and skip the annoying 40sec startup videos.   How to Fix the FOV Issue (Widescreen) Method 1 by K!netic: Download Flawless Widescreen[] and install. Once installed, open it up, use the search bar to find “Atomic … Read more