Atomic Heart: Testing Grounds/ Polygons Guide

A WIP guide to Polygons/ Testing Grounds. Updated 23 Feb.


Atomic Fart

What are Polygons/ Testing Grounds

Testing Grounds (a.k.a. Polygons) are dungeons scattered around the Main World which usually contains a set of challenges (mostly puzzles) and unique rewards.

Testing Grounds include unique rewards in the form of Weapon Upgrade Blueprints.

There are 8 dungeons in total, each one includes 3 reward chests (Lootyagins) coloured Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Note: Gold is always last and usually by an exit.
Note: Lootyagins emit a jingle which makes them easier to find.

How do I enter a Testing Ground

Most testing grounds have their entrance hidden. This entrance has to be unlocked via a Dandelion (Camera).
Dandelions can be accessed through a corresponding terminal which can be seen using your scanner.

Note: Dandelions are disabled whenever a corresponding Hawk drone is down.


The world is split into ecosystems. Each ecosystem is dependent on a HAWK Relay.
HAWK Relay enables robotics to function which includes Dandelions, Enemies and Pchelas.

Dandelions are connected to a Terminal, accessing a Terminal lets you look through its connected Dandelions which can be used to open Testing Grounds using the ‘interact’ key ([F] by default).
To view a Dandelions Terminal use your scanner, as it will show a line leading to a Terminal.

Note: If a Dandelion is disabled, it cannot be accessed until repaired by a Pchela.
Note: You can temporarily disable a HAWK Relay using a special terminal, this disables all robotics in the area including Dandelions. This lasts for quite a while.

Relevant Achievements

wip (notes for now)
  • More Than Profit
  • Explorer
  • Clean-up

Testing Ground 1

  • Fox Ergonomic Handle
  • MP Expansive Converter
  • KS-23 Extended Magazine
  • Zvezdochka Reverse Shot

There is a building with a blue roof. The door can be opened with a Dandelion. Then take the elevator.

Testing Ground 6

  • MP Extended Magazine
  • Kalash Collimator
  • Electro Electromagnetic Emitter
  • Snowball Battering Blow

This entrance is hidden underground, through a semi-cylindrical-whatever-the-♥♥♥♥-you-call-it thing by the water, you can’t miss it.
The big door can be unlocked with a dandelion, the terminal is on the other side of the lake on top of a tower.

Testing Ground 9

  • KS-23 Collimator
  • Dominator Impulse Divider
  • Kalash Electromagnetic Polarizer
  • Pashtet Ergonomic Handle

When you first enter this area Dandelions will be disabled, how come? Well turns out the HAWK Relay has been hit by Morgana Q and is currently Rooted, sadge.

To free the relay, we’ll need to go to the sewer, there is an entrance close to the safe room shack where you can drop down. Beware of the infected, Raspberry Juice Cartridge should help you deal with them.
You should arrive at a room with a few boilers, to your right is a door leading to a room full of hot energy balls… see where this is going… Crispy Critters, burn the ♥♥♥♥ out of it.

After committing arson the relay should be in the sky again, great. Now you just need to access a terminal sitting next to an untextured robot and we’re in.

Fun Fact: It is using the default Unreal Engine 4 texture.

What you’re looking for is a statue of Lenin. It has a switch which… oh… it opens an elevator behind it… I thought it would like move or something… little underwhelming.

Testing Ground 8

To enter you’ll need to activate 3… things… via Dandelions through 3 separate terminals. Once activated an elevator will open inside the building.

Polygon 8

  • Zvezdochka Lower Blade With Reflex Booster
  • Fox Lightweight Titanium Blade
  • Dominator Vortex Transducer
  • MP Revolver-type Bolt Frame
  • Swede Polymeric Alloy Extension

To enter you’ll need to activate 3… things… via Dandelions through 3 separate terminals. Once activated an elevator will open inside the building.

Polygon 10

How to Enter
The entrance is similar to the intro to Vavilov. You can use a dandelion on a farm building thing which reveals a hidden elevator.(WIP, More Images)

Testing Ground 2

  • Kalash Extended Magazine
  • MP Collimator
  • Fat Boy Trap Mine
  • Dominator High-Intensity Modulators

The entrance is similar to the intro to Vavilov. You can use a dandelion on a farm building thing which reveals a hidden elevator.

Polygon 2

  • MP Electromagnetic Polarizer
  • KS-23 Expansive Converter
  • Kalash Thermal Imager
  • Snowball Polymeric Alloy Aerodynamic Attachment

There is another building with a blue roof just like Polygon 1. Just make sure to avoid all of the Rotorobots… creepy ♥♥♥♥♥…

Polygon 11

How to Enter
To enter Testing Ground 11 you’ll need a keycard… or well a cookie, which is found in the walled of facility North-East (Next to the Hawk Drone).

  • Kalash Expansive Converter
  • MP Thermal Imager
  • KS-23 Damper-Polymer Stock
  • Fat Boy Homing Projectiles

The last 2 Facilities don’t need you to use Dandelions to unlock a super special door, instead Polygon 11 has a different super duper mega special door. It’s a revolutionary new gameplay mechanic called… a keycard.
Now where do we find a random ass keycard in the Soviet Union, well of course it’s the large locked walled off building North-East of the entrance (on top of the cliff).

The main gate to the building is locked so we’ll have to find our own way in.
My guess is that you can land a HAWK and slide down on a zipline… (same way you got into the Hadgie boss fight) (though my HAWK was a bit broken so I had to find another way in).
A good enough alternative is climbing on top of a train right next to the wall and simply jumping over, it’s a lot simpler than it look.

Once inside the keycard… cookie… whatever, will be in a brown shack by the main gate, sitting in a case next to a corpse.

Fun Fact: The lock on the main gate is the most complex colour combination in the entire game… or at least I wasn’t able to find a more complicated one.

Polygon 12

  • KS-23 Thermal Scope
  • Kalash Electrokinetic Stock
  • Fat Boy Revolver Loading Module
  • Electro Energy Vampire Module
  • Pashtet Reflex Blade

The last Polygon is in a cliff on the beach… that’s it, I don’t remember there being anything complicated. Just a nice walk on the beach… except for the parasites, ♥♥♥♥ them.

Thanks to pilsmer for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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