ASTRA: Knights of Veda Codes for April 2024

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a newly released mobile game, which you are beckoned into an enthralling tale of valor and resilience against the backdrop of a world ensnared by the malevolent grip of a tyrannical ruler. The game offers a treasure trove of redeemable codes, designed to enrich the player’s journey. These codes, akin to hidden runes of power, unlock a plethora of in-game rewards and resources, providing an essential advantage in the arduous battles and strategic endeavors that lie ahead.


ASTRA: Knights of Veda Gift Code

Don’t forget to redeem your code to claim your in-game rewards and boosts.

  • KNIGHTSOFVEDA: This exclusive code unlocks special rewards that can aid you in your quest to overthrow tyranny and restore peace to the continent.

Each code has a time limit to redeem, and they can only be redeemed once per account. For mobile game codes, reach your title on our codes index page.


Redeeming Your Code:

Please follow the simple tutorial to use the codes:

1. Access Settings: Settings-Account-Copy Code

2. Coupon Entry: Look for and select the ‘Enter a Coupon’ option on the Account screen.

3. Input Details: Enter your Account Code and Server details, followed by the Coupon Code on the designated Coupon Page.

4. Collect Rewards: Finalize the process by heading to your in-game mail to claim your well-deserved rewards.

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