Arrow a Row: 100% Achievement Guide

A complete, simple guide to getting all the Steam and in-game achievements for Arrow a Row!



In this guide, I will be explaining how to 100% this game. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve seen a few people complaining about how they got stuck before reaching a certain score or didn’t know how to get a few more niche achievements.


Easy / Progression based achievements

These achievements are ones that you’ll either naturally get by playing the game, ones that require you to die a certain way, or some that just need a couple of clicks.

Wasn’t that hard, huh?
Defeat the first boss

Should be easy peasy for any player, you unlock this simply by defeating the first boss in the game. At the time of writing this, this achievement has a 100% unlock rate, so unless you’re one of those people they use in mobile ads, you should be good to go for this one.

Go buy some stuff
First time dying

Another easy peasy one, just die! Nothing more to it!

Wait, Somebody actually chose this?
Choosing double enemy award

Despite the condescending name of this achievement, the double enemy award can be super useful if you’re over-levelled and killing enemies in a second. This achievement is achieved by simply choosing this bonus at least once, you don’t even have to survive.

Get a X6 starting award

If you play the game normally, you’ll eventually get this achievement, it’s all down to luck, so all you need to do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. The achievement in the game is currently bugged, as far as I know, so you won’t get the coin rewards, but the Steam achievement is perfectly intact, so there is no need to worry there!

If you want to get this achievement fast or have terrible luck, simply start the game and restart it until you get a buff on the very first crossroad that gives you +6, x6 or +30% for one of the upgrades.

Not lonely!
Purchase all store items

You can unlock an item in the store by choosing it at least once in a game, this can be cheesed immediately by only completing the first mini-boss after getting your bow and dying right after you choose an item you’ve never used before. Using the coins you naturally get by playing, you can then unlock this in the store. More powerful unlocks like the dog and dragon pets are more expensive but definitely worth it for that boost at the start. The double enemy reward is also included in this achievement, so make sure you get it at some point.

Cumulative refresh awards for over 50 times

When you beat a boss, you can re-roll the rewards they offer you for 2 coins per re-roll. This is super useful if you’re going for one specific build or achievement, so I wouldn’t focus too hard on getting this achievement by itself, as if you’re already trying to 100% this game, you’ll more than likely accidentally get this achievement along the way.

Own over 500 gold

Another one you’re likely to achieve along the way. While grinding out for those high-score achievements, your gold will go through the roof as there’s nothing to spend it on except re-rolls. But at 2 coins a pop, they aren’t exactly gonna break the bank, so this achievement should come very naturally to you while playing.

Dragon killer
Defeat the first dragon boss

After a while of playing, you should be able to reach the first dragon and, by choosing good upgrades along the way, it can be defeated with ease.

Killed by the boss blade

This is one of the more advanced achievements, but once you get there, it’s stupidly easy. Once you trigger the final boss battle, it will shoot fireballs at you for the first few seconds while you whittle the health down, but then the second stage will start, and the boss will approach you, wielding a sword. All you have to do is just stand in place and get squashed by the sword, it’s as easy as that. If you’re struggling to reach this boss in the first place. Read the tips and strategies I used in this guide’s “Score-based achievements” section.

Defeat the final boss

As I mentioned above, by following the score guide, you should be able to get to this point with relative ease, the only difference is you need to survive. Don’t worry, though, the attacks are very predictable and at higher levels, you can melt through the boss sometimes before they even get their first swing in.

Score Based Achievements

Get over 1000 score

See below.

Get over 2000 score

See below.

Get over 3000 score

See below.

Get over 4000 score

See below.

Get over 5000 score

See below.

For any of these achievements, I would recommend unlocking everything in the store first, as without them, these will be significantly harder to achieve as you will practically be throwing away a free upgrade.

I achieved the highest score by using a build inspired by a guide made by Serene, so make sure to give them support and praise!

Once you defeat the first boss, you want to choose the blue bow. You can achieve high scores with other coloured bows if you don’t like the way the blue bow plays, but the blue bow has the sword buffs linked to it that can help you breeze past 5000 like it’s nothing.

After getting the blue bow, you will want to focus on getting all the blue sword upgrades you can. Choosing these blue sword upgrades almost every time, as well as always choosing an upgrade that buffs your swords when choosing between the two paths.

When defeating any boss, you should re-roll if you don’t get any sword boosters until you feel incredibly comfortable in your level and breeze through the enemies. When this happens, you can focus more on upgrades like dragons, the impact belt, and sometimes even bonus enemies if you’re really crushing things.

When you inevitably reach the final boss, you will want to choose the bonus that doubles your sword count or sword damage count. If you have a slower computer or older graphics card, choosing the double damage should be the better choice, as by the second or third final boss, the sword numbers can get absolutely insane.

After this, you should just rinse and repeat, re-rolling until you get a sword upgrade, getting more pets when you’re in a comfortable place, repeating this process until you reach the final boss, then finally choosing the double sword / double sword damage bonus.

Good luck and godspeed!

Pet Based Achievements

Get a level 3 dog
By playing the game and choosing the dog when it pops up, this achievement should be one of the easiest you get while playing. No need for any extra info or tips, just make sure that your damage output is good enough to last you to the 4th mini-boss at the absolute most, if you-re re-rolling chests, that is.

Get a level 3 dragon

Just like the dog achievement, this should be a pretty easy achievement as dragons are a staple part of high-scoring runs, so by picking them when they come up, this achievement should be a given!

Dog a Row!
Get over 50 dog buffs

To achieve this, I recommend following my score guide in the above section. However, when you reach the first boss, instead of choosing any of the other upgrades, you should choose the double pet upgrade, or re-roll until you can. This achievement is much less achieved than the dragon one, as dragons are currently significantly more powerful and have a better range at the moment, but if you upgrade your blue sword consistently, you should be able to melt through enemies while gaining and upgrading dogs on the side.

Dragon a Row!
Get over 27 dragon buffs

Very similar to the dragon buff tips, you should follow my score guide, or use a build you feel comfortable with, until the first boss and then choose the double pets option, but when you beat the first final boss, you should choose the double pet upgrade instead of choosing a sword upgrade. After defeating a second boss and choosing the same upgrade, you should get this with relative ease!

Bow / Sword Buff Based Achievements

Blue bow master
Get over 8 blue bow buffs

When following the blue sword guide, you can spend a bit of your upgrades into investing into the blue bow, it won’t do much in the long run, but for getting the achievement, it gets the job done.

Blue sword master
Get over 8 blue sword buffs

By following the guide above in the score section, you should have no problem with this one!

Red bow master
Get over 8 red bow buffs

I got the inspiration for this strategy from the user Echo! I achieved this before seeing this strategy, but I don’t know how easy to recreate my method is, so make sure to use this one instead!

Your priority should be arrow frequency, then damage, then speed, then distance, then swords and then any other add-ons that fit with your preferred play style.

By choosing the red bow add-ons every time, you should be able to get this achievement before you even reach the final boss!

Red sword master
Get over 8 red sword buffs

If you follow the guide above for the red bow build, you can choose double arrows/double arrow damage once you reach the final boss. With your arrows holding the build-up, you are now able to upgrade the red sword freely, making sure to re-roll any upgrades that don’t build on your sword build.

Purple bow master
Get over 8 purple bow buffs

An in-depth guide on how to consistently get this achievement will be listed in the arrow frequency section below.

Purple sword master
Get over 8 purple sword buffs

An in-depth guide on how to consistently get this achievement will be listed in the arrow frequency section below.

Big Number Achievements

I can’t stop!
Arrow frequency reaches 40

See below.

Somebody stop me!
Arrow frequency reaches 80

Simply choose an arrow-heavy build by picking the blue bow from the start and keep your eyes on the two paths to ensure you don’t miss any frequency bonuses. From the start, the blue bow’s bonus will kickstart this achievement for you. You can also pick up the blue sword bonuses along the way, as they will be able to carry your build for quite a while, so you can shift your focus to upgrading the frequency.

One shot!
Arrow damage reaches 50

See below.

Half shot!
Arrow damage reaches 100

See below.

Quarter Shot!
Arrow damage reaches 200

For this achievement, you’ll want to choose the red bow from the start and make sure to choose the damage bonus from the start. If you reach the final boss and still haven’t gotten this achievement, once you’ve defeated it, you can buy the double damage for arrows bonus, and your damage will, obviously, skyrocket. Using this method, you can achieve this pretty quickly and consistently.

Arrow a Row!
Shoot over 15 arrows in a row

See below.

Arrow a Rowow!
Shoot over 30 arrows in a row

Thank you to Arthur for this strategy!

First, you’ll want to but the purple bow as this gives you an arrow amount boost right from the start. When progressing through the game, focus on getting as many dragons as you can to upgrade your firepower, literally! After the first final boss, you’ll want to buy the double pet upgrade. This should keep you alive long enough for you to upgrade the rest of your gear. The most important thing to upgrade is your bow, obviously, but make sure to stay on top of the other items as well, like the impact belt and life-steal item.

Once you get the 15 arrows in a row achievement, stop upgrading your bow and focus only on other pets and items to boost your damage output. Once you defeat the second final boss, choose the double arrow count bonus and you should have your achievement! If you haven’t gotten the 15 arrows in a row achievement by the second boss, instead buy the pet upgrade again and but the arrow upgrade on the third final boss.

Sword a Row!
Have over 40 swords

See below.

Sword a Rowow!
Have over 80 swords

See below.

Sword a Rowowow!
Have over 120 swords

Check out my score guide a few sections above for the most efficient way of getting swords I found. The only change I would make it you always want to choose the double sword bonus, not the double damage bonus, as this does not go towards this achievement.

I won’t die!
Get over 10000 health

The tip for this one is simply surviving! Obviously, having the life-steal item will help immensely, but once you make it past the final boss, the health bonuses will skyrocket. If you see any type of large health bonus, get it! It doesn’t matter if you die immediately after, the second you hit that 10,000 mark, you’ll unlock this achievement.

Thanks to Ecto for his excellent guide; all credits belong to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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