Arkham Horror Mother’s Embrace: All Achievements Guide

This guide contains all achievements and an instruction on how to get them. Please keep in mind that the guide does contain spoilers.



These achievements are unlocked automatically by playing through the game and can not be missed.

Party Crasher
Completed “An Invitation”

Degree in Astronomy
Completed “Finding Meaning in the Stars”

Into Madness
Completed “What Was Lost is Never Found”

New Friends?
Completed “Herd of Algedi”

Trouble in Little NOLA
Completed “The Peculiar Monsieur Lanuit”

Walk in the Bayou
Completed “Unwelcomed Guests”

Completed “Tendrils of Witchcraft

Mardi Gras Festivities
Completed “A Morbid Dance in the Second Line”

The End
Save Arkham from the Dark Young

Missable (throughout the whole game)

There are two achievements that have to be worked towards in every scenario. Keep in mind that there is no chapter select after you complete the game. So if you miss one scenario for one of those achievements, you will have to play through the whole game again!

Kitchen of Madness
Find the recipe in every scenario.

It’s exactly as the description says: you will have to find a cooking recipe in each scenario to unlock this achievement.

  • Scenario 1: The recipe is located upstairs in the last room to the right in a wooden chest. Just shake the chest to open it and get the first recipe.
  • Scenario 2: The recipe is located in the library on the rightmost table.
  • Scenario 3: The recipe can be obtained by a patient in one of the padded cells next to the one with the sigil painted in it. Turn on your charm so he will tell you.
  • Scenario 4: The recipe can be found at the very beginning of the level. Just after you escaped and fought the first member of the herd in the kitchen. Just check the note on the brown counter next to the door.
  • Scenario 5: The recipe is located in Anglebert’s house in the kitchen (the last door to the left) on the counter.
  • Scenario 6: The recipe can be found behind the dead fisherman. Just inspect the dead fish lying there.
  • Scenario 7: The recipe is located in a bookshelf in the second room you can enter after you open the secret door by lighting the candles. It’s the same room you find all the diaries one after the other.
  • Scenario 8: The recipe can be found just outside Lanuit’s shop. When you leave the shop, turn left and check the bottles on the ground.
  • Scenario 9: The recipe can be found on a bench to the right of the greenhouse.


No Time to Rest
Use the same investigator for every scenario of the game.

This one is rather straightforward too: You will have to use the same investigator for every scenario and never leave them in the office.
It’s currently not tested if Roland Banks counts for this or if it has to be done with the investigator you pick at the start.

Missable (specific scenario)

Curiosity Killed the Cat
Steal Lanuit’s trinket from his store.

Can only be done in “A Morbid Dance in the Second Line” (scenario 8). While passing through the level you will come by Lanuit’s shop again. This time he is not there to stop you from investigating any of the items on display.
Move to the back of the store where a skull is glowing in a purple light and examine (the second option) it. You don’t have to actually take it with you to unlock the achievement.

Gotta Pee
Visit an Outhouse.

Can only be done in “Unwelcomed Guests” (scenario 6). Some time into the level you will come across a fisherman who will try to fight off the little monsters. From here move a little backwards to a spot where you fought three of the Birthlings earlier and interact with the wooden outhouse to get the achievement.

Kill the Dark Young with a Birthling explosion.

Can only be done in “A Mother’s Embrace” (scenario 9). While fighting the Dark Young it will start to spawn the little monsters that explode upon death. You have to kill the mutated Professor Tillinghast several times and she gets revived each time and siphons health off of the Dark Young. The last time she does this, the Dark Young will have one health remaining. Lure one of the little Birthlings towards it and once it’s close enough shoot it to have it’s explosion kill the Dark Young.

Mass Murder
Kill 3 opponents in a single investigator’s turn.

Strictly speaking this achievement could be done in any chapter with Birthlings (the exploding little monsters). Just get three of them close enough together so that they are in range to be killed and explode after one gets downed. Killing one will set off a chain reaction and unlock the achievement.
However, in “A Morbid Dance in the Second Line” (scenario 8) you meet a confused man towards the end of the level who will start a fight and will spawn three of the little ones in perfect position. Just shoot one and watch them all explode.

Missable (anywhere)

Use a Radithor on an investigator without any Conditions.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can find Radithors in any scenario from “What was Lost is Never Found” (scenario 3) onwards. Keep in mind that it can only be used in battle.

Coffee Addict
Use a Bromo Coffee when your Action points are full.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You can find Bromo Coffee in any scenario from “Finding Meaning in the Stars” (scenario 2) onwards. Agatha already has one in her inventory when you recruit her. Keep in mind that it can only be used in battle.

Addiction Kills
Commit suicide by smoking a cigarette.

Cigarettes can be found from “An Invitation” onwards and can be used to boost you Sanity by one. Since they also reduce your Health by one, all you have to do to get the achievement is use the item on an investigator with only one Health remaining.

Universal Health Care
Heal enemy with a Wild Cast.

Whenever you cast a spell, there will be a chance of 50 % to cast an additional wild cast. You can not control the effects or target of this wild cast and it’s purely based on luck. Just use a couple of spells and sooner or later you will cast a healing spell on an enemy and get the achievement.
Keep in mind that Marie Lambeau, who you will recruit in “The Peculiar Monsieur Lanuit” (scenario 5) has a reduced chance for wild casts, so you might want to leave her behind for this. If you want to boost your chances at a wild cast, take the skull from Lanuit’s shop in “A Morbid Dance in the Second Line” (scenario 8). It sets you wild cast chance to 100%.

Have 75 items in your Office Chest at one time.

You will most likely unlock this achievement automatically, since you have to have 75 items in your chest at the office. Every item in your investigator’s inventory will be stored in the chest after the scenario ends. I am pretty sure that stacked items still count as the number of items in the stack.
If you have trouble with this: I unlocked the achievement at the end of “Tendrils of Witchcraft” (scenario 7) and usually started a scenario with a weapon and one bandage for each investigator. Of course you have to pick up everything you see – you can always swap out the item later on if you find something you want more. I used some bandages and herbs and even left some items behind if I had no more room for them.

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